Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter in Iowa

The kids and I spent the week before Easter at Papa & Binga's. The weather was pretty nice, so we got lots of time playing outside. So get ready for a BUNCH of pictures! :)

They're doing some construction at a nearby park. Jacob was in hog heaven with all the dirt!!

 She's still in that "I don't want my picture taken" stage.

 The giant dirt pile made the perfect spot for playing King of the Hill!!

 Back for more...

 ...and determined to push Papa off the hill!

 He didn't succeed this time...

 ...but what's that gleam in his eyes??

 Wait for it...

 Wait for it...

 Did he get him this time??

 Not quite!

 Anna's turn!

 Never one to be left out, Isaac quickly had to join the battle!

 Except he couldn't get up the hill by himself!

 And he wouldn't stand up straight and take the last couple steps by himself! Aaron was wearing sandals so he kept slipping.

 Finally! Now, to get Papa!!

 Or maybe it'll be the other way around??

 Ah ha!! Anna and Jacob had to team up to dethrone Papa as King of the hill!!

 Daddy had to bring up the baseball equipment so he and Anna could practice, of course!

 Jacob still isn't very interested!

 Isaac isn't going to be very happy when he doesn't get to play this summer when Anna and Bubba do.

 Then Isaac decided it would be fun to throw the baseball straight up in the air.

 And try to duck...

 He got hit a couple of times (and it's a real ball!)...

 ...but he thought it was hilarious!

 So he kept doing it!

 Telling Papa a story. (his poor face...evidently he's allergic to the bubble bath!)

 Jacob kept begging to go to "the big wooden park". It's pretty impressive.

 Back at the house, the kids wanted to race Daddy.

 To make things a little more fair, Daddy had to jump rope (with a very short rope!) in the race.

 This Daddy doesn't let his kids win just so they don't feel bad! haha

 Daddy got Isaac "pumped up" for his race.

 We went the their church's  Easter egg hunt again this year. 

 The weather cooperated this time so the older kids got to be outside. They had 4,000 eggs!!!

 Mr. Sugar Man was all over getting as many eggs as he could!

 Isaac got an egg with a prize in it again this year. He could choose between a stuffed animal or a ball. No surprise here...he chose the ball! He had fun playing with Papa :)

 The kids love Binga's new car...a convertible Bug!

  Jeremy's family was planning to come up for Easter, but they all got sick :( So we had a lot of eggs to dye!

 Papa took the boys for a ride with the top down!

 See? She doesn't want her picture taken.

 It took Isaac quite a while to find this egg! haha

It was a very fun week!