Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Fun

Sunday evening, we celebrated Anna's NINTH birthday with family. I cannot believe she's nine (well, on Tuesday anyway). More on that later. For now, take a look at the craziness that always happens when this family gets together :)

Who's surprised that birthday girl has a book in her hands?!

 Tate & Isaac...those two are trouble! The fearless duo!

 Anna's birthday bouquet from Hudson and Tate...picked from their own backyard!

 Papa tried to tell her that if she keeps watering that green flower, it'll grow more green. Anna didn't buy it. Jacob was ready to start watering all his green "flowers"! haha

 Daddy needs a shotgun.....

 Oh boy...Aunt Cara has been sewing!!

 Look out Aunt Cara...she's got a big hug for you!

 Why is she looking so weird? The next picture explains it all...

 Oh Mia.

 She's had her eye on this journal for MONTHS!

 She loves her Papa and Binga. I think she'll be a Papa's girl the rest of her life...has been since the day she was born!

 Bryce decided to put the gift bag on his head, so Uncle Wally had a little fun with him! ;)

 Time for Duck, Duck, Goose! Rhys just ran around the circle playing her own version of the game.

 Look comes Tate!!

I say it every year, but we are SO blessed to have family that loves to get together and celebrate!! This is what birthdays were growing up...grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins just getting together and being together. Nothing fancy, no big to-do. Just sharing a meal and being entertained by the kids (easy to do when there are 9 of them!). It's never quiet and it's never dull, but I love the memories my kids are making. So thank you, family, for making the effort to be here and celebrate Anna Rose! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun in the Mountains

I had forgotten that I hadn't posted the rest of the pictures from our time with Grandpa & Grandma!

 Aaron back on his old stomping grounds, playing baseball with his dad :)

 Not a bad view. Makes baseball bearable to watch ;)

 She was patiently waiting for Daddy to finish playing so SHE could practice!

 Does she throw like a girl, Papa?

 Movie night continued, even though we were at Grandpa & Grandma's house!

 Anna got outvoted on what movie to watch so she chose to go read and play with her new bear Krispie (as in Rice Krispies...).

 The theme for Sarah's graduation party was western...the backyard was so cute with the decorations!

 Almost 12 years I've been married to Aaron, and this was the first time he'd ever taken me into Rocky Mountain National Park! It was gorgeous and the kids had fun, although Anna and Jacob were hoping for more of an actual hike and not just walking on a path around a lake. Maybe when Isaac is just a bit older we can take a "real" hike.

 We hadn't gone very far around the lake when the kids found a moose in the trees!! He was young and eventually wandered down to the lake for a looooooong drink.

 Of course the boys had to throw rocks in the lake!

 This giant slide caught Isaac's eye the first time we drove by it! So of course, we had to stop and take a couple rides!!

We had such a relaxing time...just what we all needed! Except for Isaac not adjusting to the time change and waking up super early and going to bed later than normal. But that's what vacation is all about right?? :) We're glad we got to be there to celebrate Sarah's graduation, too! The kids loved getting to spend lots of time with Daddy and getting spoiled by Grandpa & Grandma! Summer is a beautiful time to be in the mountains.