Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mini College Reunion

Last weekend, we got together at our good friends' ranch in the middle of nowhere for a mini college reunion. It was crazy times! 28 people, 16 of them kids 10 & under! For years, Aaron & several of his college friends have been getting together for a "man weekend" every summer. This was the first time all the wives and kids got to join in! ;) The main reason was that one of the families, David & Andrea and baby B, had just moved back from China! 
Six families...lots of kids...lots of babies...lots of noise...lots of memories! Of the 10 adults, only 2 are not SC graduates. Another mom took the whole group pictures, so I don't have one of the entire group. I'll have to add it when I get a copy! Kids ages were 10 yrs, 8 yrs, two 7 yr olds, three 5 yr olds, three 3 yr olds, three 1 yr olds, 11 month old, 7 month old, and 4 month old!!!

Gorgeous sunset the first evening.

It didn't take long for the "big" kids to take off exploring! Isaac used to be scared of Nate's dogs. Not anymore!

 Jacob and Bella (7) became best buds! There was a lot of talk amongst all of us about arranging some marriages!! Hahaha!

 Bella and Isaac

 Off to explore and chase the dogs!

 Ahhh, hay bales....lots of fun in store!

 The smell of silage....brought back a lot of memories!

 The second night we were there Anna, Jacob, Isaac, Bella (7), Claire (5), Aaron and Mary (Bella and Claire's mom) got to watch Nate pull a calf. I was putting Grace to bed so I missed it! :( It was quite the experience because not only had they never seen a calf birthed, the calf was also not well--wasn't breathing and wouldn't stand up! The next day, they all (plus some extras that had come) couldn't wait to go out and check on the calf, give him a name, and give him some love! By Sunday evening, we got a text from Nate saying the calf was finally standing up and taking a bottle!
Part of the crazy crew!

 They named him Skylar. Nate thought Brutus would be a better choice. Ha!

Then they each wanted their picture taken with Skylar...
 Isaac (5)

 Bella A (7)

 Kate M (5)

 Claire A (5)

 Luke M (3)

 Jacob (8)

 Emma M (7)

 Anna (10) Miss Animal Whisperer...Skylar snuggled right up to her as soon as she sat down.

 Off to explore and play!

 They finally figured out how to climb up on the hay bales!

 Mr. Fearless wasn't so sure about jumping across the "big hole"!

 He made it!!!

 After the first jump, there was no more fear!

The men had their daily ritual of playing Washers. Usually they played in the shed at night after the kids were in bed. They had to get one more game in on Sunday before we left...

 Big Dave ;) Aaron has an affinity for rubbing his head. It's weird.



 Anna informed me that number 5060 is her favorite cow. ??

 I even got up on the bales and played tag! Took me back about 20 years to my childhood days of jumping the bales with my brothers!!

It was a very fun weekend! We had a ton of felt like I was loading up the entire house! But when you're 30 minutes from the closest store of any kind, you gotta think of everything you MIGHT need! Hopefully this becomes a yearly tradition and our kids can grow up knowing each other! 
And yes, the guys still get their "man weekend" ;)