Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a Big Boy!!

Well we started potty training! I told Aaron when the diapers are gone, that was it-I'm sick of buying diapers! Of course it will start again before long. Jacob has done awesome today (first real day)!!! One accident early this morning & that's it!! So he got to go pick out a surprise for being such a big boy!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

What happens when...

Aaron picks up his collection of dirty clothes by his bedside!! I've heard he's not the only man to not pick up his dirty clothes or towels, so I'm not alone...right??? :)

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

HHR take 3 :)

Needless to say, the heat, the excitement, and the lull of a car ride put her right to sleep! Now we're home & the kids are playing in the new little pool. Summer is here!!!
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HHR take 2

There were, of course, horses to ride! After Anna spent an hour holding kittens, she went out all by herself & stood in line to ride. She looks like a natural!! :)
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HHR Open House

Scott had an open house this afternoon & since I forgot my camera (and my computer is still down), I just got a couple of pics with my phone. And since I don't know how to email more than one picture, I'll have to do a couple of posts!
It was very hot!!!! But the kids had an absolute blast. There were fairly new kittens so Anna & Jacob spent a LOT of time holding them. Jacob thought the kittens were pretty funny for some reason.
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Friday, May 21, 2010


Anna had her last day of preschool today and they had a "hot and cold" party! Her teacher has a pool & hot tub and they had popcicles & ice cream sundaes!! The water wasn't exactly warm, but they had such a good time. I'm sure we'll be out there more than once this summer to swim!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Anna is down. Woke up with a slight fever this morning and by 11am it was up to 102. Thankfully her doctor called in an antibiotic for her since 2 of us already have strep. And evidently poor Husdon has it, too. I still can't figure out where Jacob could've caught it. We're praying she's better by Friday so she doesn't miss her last day of school & the party!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Like Daddy

Jacob loves watching Daddy mow. Tonight, he's pushing his own mower right along with Daddy. And every time Daddy passes his way, he jumps up & down and yells "Hi Daddy!!!!" It's too cute. :)
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Monday, May 17, 2010

What an evening!

Well, we ended up taking Jacob to the ER yesterday afternoon. His fever spiked up to 103 and he couldn't keep the Tylenol down. We walk in the door & he pukes all over me. Of course by the time we got into the room his temp had gone way down (his fever seemed to climb until he threw up & then would go down). But it had been 2 hrs. since he'd had the Tylenol and his fever was still so high. Until we got to the ER. The nurse was like "oh parents do that all the time. Don't give the Tylenol enough time". Did I mention he was full of...personality? (I'm being totally sarcastic) Anyway, the doctor came in and checked him over. Much to my surprise, he found very pussy tonsils. Jacob had complained of his tummy & head but never his throat. He ordered an antibiotic shot (holy smokes they used a huge needle!!!) and a script for oral antibiotics. He slept for several hours, woke up and drank some Sprite and slept the rest of the night. I woke him up twice to give him more Tylenol because I could tell his fever was climbing. He kept on sleeping. He woke up at 5am & wanted a drink. He kept it down & slept until almost 9. He's pretty well back to normal today. Not much of an appetite but otherwise, normal! Whew. I caught it as well. Lots of extra rest will help. I'm just hoping Anna doesn't catch it!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sick Day

Jacob woke up at 7 this morning sick :( He threw up a couple times and was burning up but he went right back to sleep for a couple hours. When he woke up, his fever was 102! He kept Tylenol down for about 30 minutes before he threw up again. It must have taken though because his fever is down. So he & I are hanging out this morning watching Cars! What else?! :) Praying no one else catches whatever he's got. :(
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Easiest way to clean!

The kids will ride these around, pick up toys, and deliver them to their "home". Genius!!
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The best preschool ever!

Anna only has one more week of preschool. She's ready to be done with the whole getting-up-early routine (so is her Mama!), but she has had a blast and has learned an insane amount! Her teacher is truly gifted & Anna loves her. We're hoping she keeps doing it so Jacob can go when he's four!
She had her program Tuesday and I think all the parents were shocked just exactly how our little four- and five-year-olds know! They recited poems and songs about mountains, oceans, continents. They showed us rays and line segments. They named 3-D shapes & prisms (hexagonal prism, anyone?). It was so fun. And how she can read!! She's probably reading first, if not second, grade level books! I thought at first that she wasn't comprehending it, but she does. I'm just so impressed with her! I told Mom that I think the reason the teacher is able to teach them so much is that she honestly believes they CAN learn all this. Most people think "oh that's too complicated to teach a 4 year old!" But they're little sponges & think learning is fun & exciting!
Anyway, here is a picture of her little class.
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Did I figure it out??

Let's see if I got this mobile blogging right...
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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, my computer is on the fritz. Which means I can't get to any of my pictures or videos! Including of the church burning (that sounds really, really bad doesn't it?!) and ANNA'S SCHOOL PROGRAM!!!! :( Hopefully we can get it figured out soon. And by we, I mean Dad! haha

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speaking of Progress

I've forgotten to update on Jacob's speech for quite a while. After the evaluation, the early ed center set up a time to come and start speech therapy. His eval showed his comprehensive language was right on target for his age, but his expressive language was at about 18 months. There was about a month's time between the eval and his first session. The speech path was very surprised at how much he had learned in that time. He really kind of exploded. It's still not even close to where an almost-3-year-old should be, but he's doing a lot better. I would say he's at least tripled his vocabulary in the last 2 months. Here's a great sample ;)

I was wiping his nose one day and said this and he repeated me. It was too funny!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Memories and Working Hard

There was work to be done! Aaron helped Dad move the electricity and water off the church since it's the same line that feeds Grandpa & Grandma's house. Did I say in the last post that the church is being burned down? It really needs to be's in super bad shape and is just falling in on itself. Anyway, we went to the farm so Aaron could help Dad. Now usually, Aaron says that means he stands there and watches my Dad work. :) But this time, Aaron could actually do something Dad couldn't! This.....

I don't remember why they had to dig like this, but they did. And the farther back they got, the smaller it got. Dad is claustrophobic (thanks for passing that one along, by the way!). And seriously? Even if you weren't? That would be HARD to do. What the picture doesn't show is that his head is lower than the rest of his body and the hole beyond what you can see is narrower than his shoulders. He had to reach up and grab the top of the well-house to pull himself up, hand me an old ice cream bucket to dump and then go back down to dig some more (with the end of an old garden trowel!). He got it done!

Making memories :) This could so very easily be me and Grandma 25 years ago. Very few things have changed (and Anna looks a lot like her Mama)!

Binga found Jacob some great books at a garage sale that she sent with Papa. Jacob LOVES them! They are now his very favorite (Tonka books!).

Papa took the kids out to explore Sunday afternoon.