Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Settling In

These are all from our first week home. We're settling in and adjusting:) Unfortunately, Jacob and Aaron seem to have some kind of stomach bug. Jacob has thrown up three times in the last week-no other symptoms, no fever, and just one time throwing up and then he's fine. Thankfully, he knows what's going on now and asks for a bowl before he throws up! Now Aaron has it, except his seems to be worse. Please pray for them to get better and for the rest of us not to get it...especially Isaac and me. I do not need to be throwing up two weeks after a c-section! Ouch.

Anna was having a hard time going to sleep one night. She was feeling out of sorts and just needed some one-on-one attention. And of course wanted to hold Isaac! :) I took this picture of the two of them so she could take it to school and show her class. She was excited about that.

Jacob seems like a giant now! I remember the first time I held him after Isaac was born, thinking "holy cow, this kid is huge!" haha He's so gentle with Isaac, though. And he tries to play with Isaac's hair when he's tired! It's really funny. The other night Aaron was working and Jacob had woken up (or hadn't been to sleep yet, I can't remember) and of course, before I could get Jacob to go back to sleep, Isaac woke up ready to eat. So I sat on the floor next to Jacob's bed nursing Isaac. Jacob couldn't reach my hair, so he settled for Isaac's hair! It was precious.

He's becoming more alert and has more awake times. I love watching him look around and check things out.

I think this is probably Anna's favorite picture :)

He is such a proud big brother!

Movie night on Binga's bed!!

Papa spent the week helping Jamie & Cassie. The kids missed him but he made up for it when he came back on Saturday! They can't get enough play time with Papa!!

My sweet baby. He gets bundled up good at night. He's my little burrito. It's no wonder he screams when I change his diaper...pulling him out of that warm cocoon! :)

Dad's Surprise

I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post that Dad surprised me and remodeled our bathroom. Aaron & I had talked about doing it before Isaac was born but things came up (like Aaron getting seriously sick on his last recruiting trip and making 2 trips to the hospital!) and we weren't going to be able to swing it yet. We figured to just take the door to our bedroom out and then next year at some point do the rest. The day after Isaac was born (I think), Dad had to "go to the farm" to take care of something that came up. Mom said "something about the land". I didn't think anything of it, other than thinking it was bad timing for Dad to miss out on the new babies' first couple days. There were a couple things that should've tipped me off, but I didn't have a clue. The first being when Mom said "Dad says it's snowing in Sterling...and at the farm." I just figured she meant he'd seen the weather and the storm was over Sterling. The second being when Kim called to ask about dropping off a gift for Anna and Jacob before we got home. She texted and asked if my Dad was at our house. I told her he could be-he'd been at the farm but was planning on being back in Sterling when we got home. Then she called when she got here and said "I think your dad is here...there's a pair of feet sticking out from the bathroom sink!" I didn't really think twice about why he would've been under the sink. DUH! The crazy man didn't sleep for two days so he could get it finished before we came home from the hospital!!! I love it and can't wait for it to be completely finished. THANK YOU DADDY!!! (and Mom for picking out the sink & faucet...perfect! and Aaron for keeping the secret!)

I LOVE the sink. It's nice & deep (actually perfect for Isaac's baths right now!), has a much bigger surface than my old one, and I really like the material and color. The faucet is awesome-it moves so I can swing it out of the way when I'm giving Isaac a bath! Mom said she debated getting one like that with kids, but figured they didn't have to be shown that it could move! :)

The vanity was one that Aaron got when he worked at the wood supply company-for whatever reason it was going to be thrown away! So it's been sitting in our shed for a couple of years. We're going to have a friend build a floor-to-ceiling cabinet next to the vanity for extra storage (and a hamper in the bottom!). We kept the same mirror and light fixture since they match the new vanity. Dad also moved the toilet over (not an easy task when you have to crawl under the house!!).

I think my favorite part is the tile!!! It's heated! We'll also paint the walls...I'm thinking a sage green (or along those lines).

Last of the Hospital

My computer is working again! I'll try to get caught up on pictures before it "breaks" again! :)
A few more pictures from the hospital. Big sister and big brother are totally smitten...

I'm just still so surprised at Jacob's reaction to Isaac. I didn't really think he would have issues with a new baby, but I definitely didn't think he would be so enamored with Isaac! He still (2 weeks later) loves to hold him and especially begs to feed him! I can't wait to see them bond when Isaac is older. The only time Jacob doesn't like Isaac is when he really gets to crying. Then Jacob covers his ears and runs from the room! haha

Oh my stars...look at that smile!!! I love it.

This big sister could sit and hold Isaac all day long. She doesn't even mind if he's crying! Today, she was holding him and he was hungry (shocker!) so he started wailing. I went to take him and she said "I don't mind. It's okay!"

Monday, November 29, 2010

This Little Piggy...

Eats and eats and eats! He routinely nurses for about an hour every feeding. He eats every three hours during the day and, now that his bilirubin is okay, every 4+ hours at night. BUT...the last few days, he's been wanting to eat every hour! You do the math...that's basically back to back eating! Luckily I have an abundance and have quite a bit pumped and in the freezer. I get a break now and then and the kids, especially Jacob, love to feed Isaac. Last night, he nursed his usual hour, finishing around 10pm and by 11pm, he acted liked it had been 6 hours since he ate! He was trying to latch on to anything that was close to his face. So I thawed out some milk and he sucked down 4 oz. in no time. Then he proceeded to sleep until a little after 5am!!! I felt like I got 10 hours of sleep. I'm really hoping that he isn't becoming a lazy sucker like his brother was. I don't think he is-he nurses pretty good, just slow (or else has a huge stomach!). We can't afford formula!! If all else fails, I'm prepared to simply pump what he needs and bottle feed it to him. Anna and Jacob both only nursed 3 months-Anna was impossible to keep awake. We did everything from ice cubes to waiting til she was super hungry, but it seemed after 5 minutes of eating, she just couldn't stay awake. Plus she had stomach issues for several months. And Jacob, he was just a lazy sucker so I ended up nursing him, pumping, then bottle feeding him. It got to the point that all I was doing was feeding him. He had a huge appetite! I never used the small 4 oz bottles with that boy! I'm determined, one way or another, not to do formula this time. Simply for the money factor. Yes, breastmilk is best for the baby, but obviously my other two kids weren't harmed by being on formula! But I think this time around I've got a better "grip" on nursing and pumping and Isaac really seems to be a better nurser than the other two-an answer to prayer! My $50 pump I found at a consignment sale has already paid for itself :)
Okay, enough on that topic. Isn't he a doll?! :) He's still a very good baby-rarely cries. Unless he's getting his diaper changed (usually), doesn't get fed quickly enough, or is getting a bath! I can't keep things warm enough! My new bathroom sink is perfect for him, but until his cord falls off, I can't get him all the way in the water. So even with the heater on in the bathroom, it's pretty chilly! Aaron got to hear him really holler tonight!
Anna and Jacob are still adjusting (we all are!). They love Isaac but are acting out toward each other and Mom & Dad. Anna has become an expert antagonizer and Jacob fights back now! Staying consistent with first-time obedience is a challenge, but one that I know will pay off. Not 5 minutes after Papa & Binga left today, they started in!!! Bedtime was a drawn out affair. Aaron finally realized (I never caught on) that Anna just needed some attention and she was to the point that she didn't care if it was positive or negative. So he spent a while rocking her and she finally settled down. It's been hard (and will only be harder now that we're "on our own") juggling the needs of all three kids!! But we'll get it figured out...hopefully sooner than later!
Speaking of juggling and balancing, I better get to bed since Isaac is asleep! Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers. Keep up the prayers!!! :)

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have much to be thankful for this year.
Isaac's safe arrival, even after a stay in NICU. His bilirubin is all good now (which means I'm getting a bit more sleep at night, not having to wake him up at night to eat!). The only unanswered is the follow up echo on his heart, which I'm not worried about at all. I love snuggling up with this precious baby boy. And I think I'll finally have my brown-eyed baby! :)
Jacob continues to make me laugh (and scream!) every day. He is such a wonderful big brother. He absolutely adores his baby brother. I'm so thankful God has given us this child.
Anna is once again a fantastic big sister. She loves holding Isaac and is such a big helper. Her tender heart blesses me over and over.
Aaron is an amazing husband and father. He has really stepped up and has been a huge help with the house and Anna & Jacob. He wanted a turkey dinner today (family gatherings aren't until tomorrow and Saturday) so he took Anna to the store this morning and got everything and is cooking the whole meal!!! All this on top of trying to catch up on work for his 2nd job-we weren't expecting to be in the hospital until Thursday. Oh yes, and having Jacob sick from too much chocolate the other night.
Mom has been such a help. Even though her health isn't back to normal, just having her here has been a help. Plus she's been my chauffeur since I can't drive for 2 weeks (even though she's a crazy driver, right kids?!)! :) She's kept me sane the last couple days when Anna & Jacob have been acting up. She keeps her cool & disciplines them when I just want to pull my hair out!
Dad is a crazy man. He didn't sleep for 2 days because he snuck back to Sterling to redo my bathroom as a surprise! He put a heated tile floor in, took out a door, put in a new sink and vanity, and moved the toilet. All in 48 hours! He loves surprising people and he is incredibly talented in so many things. Plus the kids just adore Papa.
My in-laws made the trip out to be here when Isaac was born. Anna & Jacob had a great day with them. They are generous and giving. All that and they didn't even get to hold Isaac before they went home since he was still in NICU!
Our extended family and friends...we had so many people holding us and Isaac up in prayer. And our church family has blessed us with meals. The Ladies Aid made Isaac a beautiful quilt and blanket.
Our nephew Tate, born at 31 weeks, continues to surprise everyone with his continued progress and improvement. God's miracle, for sure!!! That little guy is a feisty fighter!
God's blessings have poured over us. His hand has been evident in the lives of these little ones (Isaac and Tate).
What a list to be thankful for!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Your Brother

They finally get to see and hold Isaac!!! Anna was beside herself waiting.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cuddle Bug

He's a cuddler! Waiting to hear about his bilirubin levels-had to get blood drawn again today for a 48 hour test. He's still pretty yellow but it's getting better. Hopefully it's improving enough to stay home.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A New Routine

Isaac is seriously such an easy baby! The only time he cries is when he's hungry or you're changing his clothes. Such a sweet boy. We had his bilirubin checked yesterday and it's not quite where it should be. I'm on strict orders to feed him every 2-3 hours, even at night. Believe it or not, I have to set my alarm & wake him up at night! He's a great sleeper. But the best way for babies to get rid of the excess bili is through their stools. So the more he eats, the more he poops, the quicker he'll get it out! :) His first "smile" was perfectly timed...the doctor said "I hate to tell you this, but you need to wake him up every 3 hours at night and feed him." *As soon* as she said that, he got a big ol' grin on his face! It was so funny.
He's nursing like a champ. He likes to fall asleep, but not nearly as bad as the other two. He gets his fill at every feeding, he's just pretty slow about it!
Sorry I haven't posted more pictures (or ones better than just from my phone!). We're trying to settle into a new routine and get things put away.
It's taken me so long to finish this post I can't remember what picture I attached!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home We Go...Sorta

All bundled up & ready to go! Finally! It took much, much longer than we expected for Isaac & I to get discharged. We had already decided to stay the night at Jamie's since it had rained/snowed earlier in the day. But we didn't end up leaving the hospital until after 9:30 last night! Anna & Jacob were so excited to see him! I just can't get over Jacob's reaction to him...he always wants to hold him and it breaks his heart when you tell him he can't!
Alright, I better feed Isaac so we can get on the road and be HOME!!!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The View from Here

I love snuggling up with this little guy!
He's doing great! Getting the hang of eating...slowly! He's a very good baby. Rarely cries and when he's awake, he loves to look around. He still has some trouble with gagging on his spit-up (or whatever it is) so it makes me nervous when he sleeps. He doesn't make a sound hardly when he's gagging. So I just snuggle him up next to me :)
The pediatrician came to check him out this afternoon & do his circumcision. I had no idea that he couldn't eat 2 hours before (plus I had no idea when they were coming for him!). So that got pushed back to this afternoon. He also heard a heart murmur that he wanted to do an echocardiogram to check out. He's sure it's nothing but wants to be safe. Oh-just got a call from the doctor & he's all clear! They still have to observe him for a couple of hours for the circumcision. The weather isn't great so we're going to stay at Jamie's tonight anyway. Yay!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Isaac :)

A couple more pictures of Isaac :) He's doing great! They're going to try and feed him soon (I've been pumping)-with a bottle first and see how he does.

I took his John Deere blanket (courtesy of Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry, of course!) to NICU :)

Once we finally named him, he got his little sign up on his bed! :)
Aaron & I got to hold him this morning for the first time (me since he's been in NICU and Aaron ever)!! I can't wait until he's in my room so I can hold him all the time without all the wires and tubes!

Introducing Isaac Jayden!

Papa & the kids stopped by before we headed to the hospital. The boys were enthralled with Word World. Although Hudson had a hard time deciding if he should look at the camera and say "CHEESE!" or watch the TV! :)

And he's here!!! Isaac was born at 2:02 pm weighing 8 lbs. 1.5 oz, measuring 20 1/2" long, with a 14 1/4" head!!! I really thought he was going to beat out Jacob for weight (I'm pretty sure he did for head size!), but Jacob had almost a pound on him. He has quite a bit of dark hair. And he cried big time-before he was even out! He was definitely the loudest of my three kids. Anna & Jacob didn't hardly make a peep.

He did great at first, but after about 10 minutes, he started retracting and taking shallow, rapid breaths. They put a pulse-ox monitor on him and his O2 stats were a little low. It's fairly common with c-section babies because they don't have the benefit of going through the birth canal and getting all that fluid squeezed out of their lungs.

They called NICU into the recovery room and after over an hour of him not improving, they decided to take him to NICU for observation (and ended up admitting him). His O2 would drop to the low-mid 80s, but as soon as he cried or they gave him oxygen, it would go right back up to upper 90s-100.

I didn't get to hold him very much-between cleaning him up, monitoring his pulse-ox, and then the NICU observing him. I knew he would be fine, but it was really, really hard not to be able to hold him and then to have him wheeled away where I knew I wouldn't be able to hold him...that was really tough.

But, it gave me plenty of motivation to get up and get moving a lot sooner than I ever did the other 2 times! By 10pm I had everything unhooked and was ready to try walking. To my surprise, it wasn't bad at all! So they took me down to the NICU to visit Isaac. He already had his oxygen helmet off and the nurse said he was doing great. I spent about an hour with him. He loves his pacifier (Jacob refused one, so I wasn't sure what he would do!), but he can't keep it in his mouth. :) He swallowed some amniotic fluid as well, so they put a tube down to his tummy to suck it out. Aaron & I went to see him this morning before shift change and the nurse said his breathing is better (he was breathing too rapidly) and they did another chest x-ray and bloodwork. We should know the results of those by lunch. I'm praying he gets out of there today, but we'll just have to wait and see.

8 pounds 1.5 ounces!

Look at those feet!!!!

As I've mentioned before, we've had a terrible time coming up with a name! For whatever reason, Aaron and I could NOT agree. I had a favorite (Isaac Lee) and he had a favorite (Jayden). After things settled down, we finally agreed on a compromise! I have to say, though...almost every doctor and nurse said "He looks like an Isaac" :)
Please continue to pray that Isaac keeps improving so he can move out of NICU. And pray for the rest of us, too. Anna isn't allowed into NICU to see him and she's pretty disappointed that she can't hold him yet. Jacob really doesn't get what's going on, especially since he hasn't seen the baby (except for pictures)! I'm feeling really good, so pray for my recovery to go as quickly & smoothly as it has so far. Also, pray for Jamie & Cassie...they're just a few doors down from us!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Fun

When my c-section was schedule for o'dark thirty on Wednesday, I told Aaron we were getting a hotel room with his travel points & taking the kids swimming, so we wouldn't have to wake up at 2am to get the hospital on time. Then it got moved to Monday afternoon...except I'd already told the kids we were taking them swimming! So we kept the hotel room (duh....it's free!) and brought the kids this afternoon to go swimming. They had a BLAST!!!

I LOVE his face here!

Grandpa and Grandma W came Saturday evening. Before church this morning, Daddy got a great picture of the kids with Grandma!!
I'm not holding my breath for a good night's sleep tonight--I can't take Benedryl after midnight so I'm sure I'll be up itching all night long! For so many reasons, I can't wait for this little guy to be OUT!!!

And Then There Were Three...

Very soon!!!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Life

Just some random pictures...

Jacob was concentrating very hard on copying the picture of a baby on a box of diapers. Although he was torn between eating crackers and drawing ;)

She snuck into our room one night...she was pretty well hidden under pillows and bags!

Jacob's favorite thing to do when Binga's air mattress is up is to play with the lighted controls (for the heated mattress pad). He likes to hide under the blankets and turn it off and on. Sometimes he cranks it up to 6 and Binga gets a little hot at night! haha

We love Wacky Packs!! :)

I just love this picture. Jacob was very determined to get right down there with Daddy and "help"!
My sonogram today showed that baby is still very happy and active (no kidding!) so the delivery date is still set for Monday! 4 days!!! Anna is so excited! We decided to get a hotel room (this was originally when the date was Wednesday and the check in time was 5:30am!!!) and take the kids swimming before the baby is born. Since I'd already told the kids about it before they changed the date, we kept the room (it's a free night with Aaron's reward points. Woohoo!). And even better? We don't have to check in to the hospital until 11:30am. And the kids are staying with my parents. Which means we should get some awesome sleep!!! :)

God's Promises

I didn't even realize it was a double rainbow (look really close) until I saw the picture! Thank you, Lord, for the reminder of Your promises-and that you are in control of all our circumstances...they've all been filtered through Your sovereign hands.

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