Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last of the Hospital

My computer is working again! I'll try to get caught up on pictures before it "breaks" again! :)
A few more pictures from the hospital. Big sister and big brother are totally smitten...

I'm just still so surprised at Jacob's reaction to Isaac. I didn't really think he would have issues with a new baby, but I definitely didn't think he would be so enamored with Isaac! He still (2 weeks later) loves to hold him and especially begs to feed him! I can't wait to see them bond when Isaac is older. The only time Jacob doesn't like Isaac is when he really gets to crying. Then Jacob covers his ears and runs from the room! haha

Oh my stars...look at that smile!!! I love it.

This big sister could sit and hold Isaac all day long. She doesn't even mind if he's crying! Today, she was holding him and he was hungry (shocker!) so he started wailing. I went to take him and she said "I don't mind. It's okay!"

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