Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have much to be thankful for this year.
Isaac's safe arrival, even after a stay in NICU. His bilirubin is all good now (which means I'm getting a bit more sleep at night, not having to wake him up at night to eat!). The only unanswered is the follow up echo on his heart, which I'm not worried about at all. I love snuggling up with this precious baby boy. And I think I'll finally have my brown-eyed baby! :)
Jacob continues to make me laugh (and scream!) every day. He is such a wonderful big brother. He absolutely adores his baby brother. I'm so thankful God has given us this child.
Anna is once again a fantastic big sister. She loves holding Isaac and is such a big helper. Her tender heart blesses me over and over.
Aaron is an amazing husband and father. He has really stepped up and has been a huge help with the house and Anna & Jacob. He wanted a turkey dinner today (family gatherings aren't until tomorrow and Saturday) so he took Anna to the store this morning and got everything and is cooking the whole meal!!! All this on top of trying to catch up on work for his 2nd job-we weren't expecting to be in the hospital until Thursday. Oh yes, and having Jacob sick from too much chocolate the other night.
Mom has been such a help. Even though her health isn't back to normal, just having her here has been a help. Plus she's been my chauffeur since I can't drive for 2 weeks (even though she's a crazy driver, right kids?!)! :) She's kept me sane the last couple days when Anna & Jacob have been acting up. She keeps her cool & disciplines them when I just want to pull my hair out!
Dad is a crazy man. He didn't sleep for 2 days because he snuck back to Sterling to redo my bathroom as a surprise! He put a heated tile floor in, took out a door, put in a new sink and vanity, and moved the toilet. All in 48 hours! He loves surprising people and he is incredibly talented in so many things. Plus the kids just adore Papa.
My in-laws made the trip out to be here when Isaac was born. Anna & Jacob had a great day with them. They are generous and giving. All that and they didn't even get to hold Isaac before they went home since he was still in NICU!
Our extended family and friends...we had so many people holding us and Isaac up in prayer. And our church family has blessed us with meals. The Ladies Aid made Isaac a beautiful quilt and blanket.
Our nephew Tate, born at 31 weeks, continues to surprise everyone with his continued progress and improvement. God's miracle, for sure!!! That little guy is a feisty fighter!
God's blessings have poured over us. His hand has been evident in the lives of these little ones (Isaac and Tate).
What a list to be thankful for!
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