Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dad's Surprise

I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post that Dad surprised me and remodeled our bathroom. Aaron & I had talked about doing it before Isaac was born but things came up (like Aaron getting seriously sick on his last recruiting trip and making 2 trips to the hospital!) and we weren't going to be able to swing it yet. We figured to just take the door to our bedroom out and then next year at some point do the rest. The day after Isaac was born (I think), Dad had to "go to the farm" to take care of something that came up. Mom said "something about the land". I didn't think anything of it, other than thinking it was bad timing for Dad to miss out on the new babies' first couple days. There were a couple things that should've tipped me off, but I didn't have a clue. The first being when Mom said "Dad says it's snowing in Sterling...and at the farm." I just figured she meant he'd seen the weather and the storm was over Sterling. The second being when Kim called to ask about dropping off a gift for Anna and Jacob before we got home. She texted and asked if my Dad was at our house. I told her he could be-he'd been at the farm but was planning on being back in Sterling when we got home. Then she called when she got here and said "I think your dad is here...there's a pair of feet sticking out from the bathroom sink!" I didn't really think twice about why he would've been under the sink. DUH! The crazy man didn't sleep for two days so he could get it finished before we came home from the hospital!!! I love it and can't wait for it to be completely finished. THANK YOU DADDY!!! (and Mom for picking out the sink & faucet...perfect! and Aaron for keeping the secret!)

I LOVE the sink. It's nice & deep (actually perfect for Isaac's baths right now!), has a much bigger surface than my old one, and I really like the material and color. The faucet is awesome-it moves so I can swing it out of the way when I'm giving Isaac a bath! Mom said she debated getting one like that with kids, but figured they didn't have to be shown that it could move! :)

The vanity was one that Aaron got when he worked at the wood supply company-for whatever reason it was going to be thrown away! So it's been sitting in our shed for a couple of years. We're going to have a friend build a floor-to-ceiling cabinet next to the vanity for extra storage (and a hamper in the bottom!). We kept the same mirror and light fixture since they match the new vanity. Dad also moved the toilet over (not an easy task when you have to crawl under the house!!).

I think my favorite part is the tile!!! It's heated! We'll also paint the walls...I'm thinking a sage green (or along those lines).


Janet said...

Very, very nice. What a special surprise to find when you arrived home.

Anonymous said...

how nice! and your parents are awesome! what a great job your dad did!