Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Life

Just some random pictures...

Jacob was concentrating very hard on copying the picture of a baby on a box of diapers. Although he was torn between eating crackers and drawing ;)

She snuck into our room one night...she was pretty well hidden under pillows and bags!

Jacob's favorite thing to do when Binga's air mattress is up is to play with the lighted controls (for the heated mattress pad). He likes to hide under the blankets and turn it off and on. Sometimes he cranks it up to 6 and Binga gets a little hot at night! haha

We love Wacky Packs!! :)

I just love this picture. Jacob was very determined to get right down there with Daddy and "help"!
My sonogram today showed that baby is still very happy and active (no kidding!) so the delivery date is still set for Monday! 4 days!!! Anna is so excited! We decided to get a hotel room (this was originally when the date was Wednesday and the check in time was 5:30am!!!) and take the kids swimming before the baby is born. Since I'd already told the kids about it before they changed the date, we kept the room (it's a free night with Aaron's reward points. Woohoo!). And even better? We don't have to check in to the hospital until 11:30am. And the kids are staying with my parents. Which means we should get some awesome sleep!!! :)

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