Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Fun

When my c-section was schedule for o'dark thirty on Wednesday, I told Aaron we were getting a hotel room with his travel points & taking the kids swimming, so we wouldn't have to wake up at 2am to get the hospital on time. Then it got moved to Monday afternoon...except I'd already told the kids we were taking them swimming! So we kept the hotel room ('s free!) and brought the kids this afternoon to go swimming. They had a BLAST!!!

I LOVE his face here!

Grandpa and Grandma W came Saturday evening. Before church this morning, Daddy got a great picture of the kids with Grandma!!
I'm not holding my breath for a good night's sleep tonight--I can't take Benedryl after midnight so I'm sure I'll be up itching all night long! For so many reasons, I can't wait for this little guy to be OUT!!!

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