Sunday, May 17, 2015

Isaac & Grace

Every person that sees Grace has said, "She looks JUST like Isaac!" I know the term Irish twins, but what's the term for siblings that look like twins, but are four years apart?! 
They were playing in the wagon the other day and I got some pretty funny shots of them. The facial expressions and interactions displayed through these photos sum up their relationship perfectly!

(Evidently she found a little dirt to taste on the wagon ride)
Isaac is constantly in Grace's face, loving on her. She tolerates it for now...we'll see how long that lasts!

 Isaac can almost always make her smile and laugh. 

 Ohhhh, can he make her laugh!! I love watching these two together!

 She's working hard on those top teeth!

 She's got the Papa Frown! Haha!!

 Gwace! Yook at the cam-wha!

 Gwace!!! Yook at Mom!

 Tuhn dis way!

 Good guhl! Now smile!

 Mom...take some pictures of me!

 While Isaac made all his faces, Grace literally broke out of her seatbelt and knelt on the floor of the wagon! 

Pffft. Seatbelts are no match for me!