Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Fun

The college soccer teams do a soccer clinic every spring. The kids love it and have a lot of fun. This year there weren't very many kids attending, so Isaac even got to participate!

As Jeremy said, these 2 boys (really, all 4 of them here!) probably shouldn't ever do anything together! Too much trouble. :)

 Grace had fun hanging out in the stroller, watching all the action!

 The women's coach (a good friend of ours) said, "Looks like that one inherited Mom's athletic ability!" HA!! Very true. Unless his coordination drastically changes from what it's been since birth, I think it's safe to say that Jacob will not be particularly athletic!

 Isaac had everyone wrapped around his little finger! The players all thought he was adorable. Isaac thought he was pretty cool to be playing with the big kids!!

 The Stinemetz tongue...we just can't help it!!

 Sometimes the goalie put on quite a show of missing the kids' shots. Jacob thought it was hilarious that he scored on her!

 Oh, hey Mom. I was just sampling the stroller...makin' sure it's all good.  I'm just wondering when it's my turn to go play?

 What do you mean not for a few years?!? I wanna do what the big kids are doing!!

 It was a fun 3 days for all the kids! 

I babysat Rhys & Jaxon one day a few weeks ago...I'm glad Binga was here to help!!!
 Alright Jax.......don't worry. This won't hurt much.

 Mom, you need to back away, okay? I've got this under control.

 I don't think I can trust you, Grace. I're a girl. And your mom has me in this ridiculous pink seat. Doesn't she know I'm a boy?! Can you talk to her about this whole pink business?

Grace: Listen here,'s not a big deal. Just lay back and relax. This toe sampling won't take long. Just close your eyes. Trust me!
Jax: No way!!! Don't touch my toes!!!!!

:) It's never dull around here, that's for sure!

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