Monday, April 11, 2016

Camping Adventures

I love to go camping. Aaron isn't exactly a fan. I talked him into going in on a pop-up several years ago with some friends. I think he's regretted the decision since our first camping trip! We haven't had the best of luck!!! I've blogged about a couple of camping trips before. Our last one was a total disaster, although there were no trips to the hospital. Let's just say we were both ready to sell our half of the camper after that one! But we didn't...and we went back camping soon after! We just never learn, I guess!

This time-the weather was supposed to be nicer (meaning not get below freezing), we made sure the propane worked (working propane = heater and cooking), and we got there before it got dark. All an improvement from our last trip. The kids went exploring while we got everything set up and then we enjoyed a late supper...

I had planned something easy and quick because I knew it would be supper time when we got there--stir fry in the rice cooker with leftover ribs from Matt. It was a pretty tasty first meal!

 Got everyone in bed and settled down pretty quickly. Out of nowhere, Grace starts with a croupy cough. Sounds TERRIBLE. I never go anywhere without the nebulizer anymore (and of course all my Young Living oils!) so I tried a breathing treatment, creating a little tent under the blankets since she was half asleep. It helped a little bit but the temperature was so back and forth in the camper (weather was much colder than forecasted!) so I think that made it worse for her. We camp in the middle of nowhere, literally. No running water. Closest down is about 20 min away and it's tiny. As I'm listening to her struggle to breath, I decided I should probably find out where the closest hospital is located... Thankfully I had enough cell service out there, I can look it up on my phone. 45 minutes. Yikes. Around 1am I decided to try taking her out in the cold air to see if that helps. She just cried and coughed and cried. Another we wake all the kids up and bring them with us or do I just take Grace myself? Because we also have the dog now, too! Camping trip, Wallman style...always an adventure!!! We decided I should just take her. I won't say how exactly I took her.......... But of course, we get 15 miles from the hospital and she's happy as could be, not coughing anymore. Still thick breathing, but nothing like before. I keep driving thinking I might as well since I've come this far already. 15 miles later and she's sound asleep, breathing normally. Of course!! So I turned around and went back to camp. I ended up sleeping in the car with her b/c I could regulate the temp better and she slept ok for a couple of hours. 
A rough start to the morning for Grace and Isaac...he woke up cold and very angry. ha! Which, of course, woke up everyone else.

 I got everyone settled down with breakfast and then they watched a movie and had graham crackers while they waited for it to warm up outside!

 Day one was a lot better than night one! Ha! Kids enjoyed a lot of exploring and playing!

 She sees a camera now and says "CHEEEEE!!!!"

 The boys decided that the limestone rocks they found were gold!

 It is safe to say that Sadie LOVES it up there! So much to explore :)

 While the boys were digging up gold, Anna was reading. Of course!

 It's an old homestead, where we camp, on a friend's property. It's fun to explore, for sure!

 Wide open spaces and beautiful rolling hills.

 Never noticed the old plow before...

 Talking a mile a minute as we hike up the "mountain"!

 "Mom, are you coming?"

 He literally stopped in the middle of his sentence when I lifted up my camera, and posed!! Ha!

 "Okay, Mom...that's enough. Let's go!"

 I spy with my little eye....

 A girl and her dog! Anna said she would just walk until she came to a fence! She probably walked 10+ miles!

 Sunday morning Grace was up at 5am and I could not get her back to sleep. So we went for a little drive and then we watched the sun rise. What a magnificent sunrise it was!

We had our own little church service after breakfast and spent the rest of our day up there enjoying God's creation...even if it was horribly windy!
So it started off pretty rough, but all in all, it was a good trip and we're okay with keeping the camper for the time being! ;)