Friday, May 23, 2014

Estes Beauty

We spent the morning doing the only 2 things we had on our agenda for this trip (besides Sarah's graduation)...a boat ride and miniature golfing. It was an absolutely perfect day for both! When we looked at the weather forecast before we came, we weren't sure we would get to do much of called for rain every day with highs in the 50s! But this morning it was clear and near 60 when we got to the lake. By the time we got to the golf course, we all shed our sweatshirts and enjoyed the sunshine!

 Jacob didn't want to come. He was too busy playing with the Legos and wanted to stay. But then we got on the boat and he quickly changed his mind!

 This was the main reason he changed his mind about coming...he got to drive the boat!!

 All three of the kids got a turn being Captain. They loved it.

 Isaac took his role very seriously.

 Golfing! The boys practically ran through the entire course, but they still had fun. :)

 Anna took her time and was very serious about her game. She remembers playing last summer and the lessons from Mr. Len and Ms. Kathy!

Bear hugs for the boys! :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Summer Ball is Almost Here

Anna and Jacob are signed up for summer ball this year. Anna is VERY excited! She is serious about doing well and has been asking Aaron to teach her all the rules of the game. When the weather (and Daddy's work schedule) cooperates, she begs Aaron to practice with her.

Jacob is not nearly as interested in it. He plays for a little bit, but just really doesn't seem to have much interest. I think he'll have fun with all his little buddies, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's the kid in the outfield who snuck a tractor and disc in his pocket...

 One afternoon, we headed up to the ball diamonds to get some real practice was ridiculously windy.

 Grandpa and Grandma came to visit last month. We borrowed a game to's basically like charades. The kids absolutely loved it!

Of course there was a trip (or two!) to Dairy Queen while they were here. I asked Isaac if he had anything on his face...this was his response! :)

AWANA Closing Program

The kids had their closing program for AWANA last week. 

We got to sit next to this cutie :) I love a baby's squished-up-nose-grins! Ella is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Always smiling!

 Anna took her part of the program very seriously. I don't think she smiled even once!

 The Sparks group was HUGE. Of course, it covers kindergarten through 2nd grade. The sang several songs, did sign language to one, and recited a couple of verses. I have videos, but I can't get them to upload on here for some reason.

 This little guy was playing peek-a-boo with me while I was taking pictures of the kids. I think his Mama takes a lot of pictures of him...he knew exactly what to do when I pointed the camera at him! :)

Our church does an awesome job with the AWANA program. The kids love going every week and I love hearing them learn their verses every week. The carnival was incredible! I think I only got a few pictures from that on my phone since I was wrangling Isaac all evening. We're so thankful for our church family!