Thursday, June 27, 2013

Harvest 2013

Let's see if I can get this one to post. I have several posts that will not go through, for whatever reason. So I've really been blogging all this time, they just haven't been making it all the way onto the blog!

Harvest 2013

Aaron's first farming accident.Missed the   last step coming off the combine. Landed in a rut. Thought it was broken. Severely sprained. He scared 10 years off my life. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


We went camping last weekend with my brothers and college friends. There were 12 kids and 8 adults (and I use the term adult loosely with this group!!). It was an experience! The kids had a blast. The old folks had a little rougher time. 

First off, Aaron hurt his knee playing ultimate frisbee. 

Then my allergies kicked into overdrive. Lovely, aren't I?! I haven't had allergies this bad since I was a kid. I woke up in the middle if the night with my eyes matted shut. The last time that happened, I was spending the night at Grandpa & Grandma's farm and Grandma came in with a warm washcloth and gently cleaned my eyes. I couldn't have been more than 8. And she broke open my allergy capsule and mixed it in some Cool Whip for me to take since I couldn't swallow pills. Thanks, Grandma, for taking such good care of me! Back to the present... :) I had almost no allergies last year. That's never happened to me before. So I wasn't exactly prepared for this massive flare up of allergies. Turns out the grass pollen for that area was very high last weekend. Not fun at all. 

The most entertaining part of the weekend was watching the men "gather" firewood!! We brought a couple boxes of chopped wood, but we quickly went through that between cooking and keeping warm in the evenings and mornings. So the men went in search of more firewood...with no tools except their bodies and an extension cord!! The results were comical. I'll have to try posting the videos I have sometime. All I have to say is that those 4 guys...once they get together, they act like college kids again!! :)
All in all, it was a great weekend. I'm excited to camp many more times this summer!

Busy Summer

Alright John & are some pictures of your cousins!! :)
Things could not be any busier this month! My brother Jeremy and his family are moving to Sterling!! I've been busy helping where I can as they try to move in a few loads at a time, while still working (Jeremy) and starting a new job (Alisha). This week Kaedyn and Bryce have been staying with us. In the evenings I try to make it over and help Alisha paint. They bought the oldest house in Sterling, which has been a bed & breakfast for many years. It has wonderful charm, but it's also covered in Victorian style wallpaper! Most of which is not exactly their taste. :) All the kids think the huge house is a great play place-especially since it's mostly empty! 

Isaac found a super hero costume among some toys. He loves it. And I love how he posed for me! Such a silly boy!

Since the walls are all lath & plaster, they can't remove the wallpaper without having to put up Sheetrock. So they found some primer that is supposed to work over wallpaper. I actually don't mind painting and even more, it drives me crazy to leave a room almost matter how late it is! So I sent Alisha home to bed and I stayed one night to finish this room. I actually like the color of the primer, but the walls will not remain gray. I like the paint colors she picked out, too. Now, whether we get all the painting done before Saturday morning.......

Early this week, a big storm came through. Very high winds, lightening like I've never seen, and a downpour. So the kids and I spent the next day(s) picking up limbs and raking up little sticks. This load was from Jeremy's house-and that was just the "small" stuff! At our house, we didn't have any large branches, just some smaller ones and lots of twigs. Our neighbor had his trailer hooked up so he took our debris to the burn site for us. 

In the middle of cleanup it started to rain again. The kids decided to take a break and play on the rain!

He didn't want an umbrella...I think he regretted his decision after becoming totally soaked!

Last Friday, Rhys stayed with us. I got her to leave her hair fixed for just a little while! She looks like Pebbles, but she acts like Bam Bam!!! She is a beast! But she probably has to be, being the youngest of 4!!!

Brothers :)

Grandpa & Grandma came to visit and celebrated Anna's birthday early. They let her choose a place to eat. She chose Carriage Crossing! Their pie is to. die. for.  Really all their food is delectable. 

Special surprises from Grandpa & Grandma!

So there you have it John & Toby...I found some more ink! ;)