Sunday, May 3, 2015

SEVEN months

I cannot believe that Grace is 7 months old already. She is such a happy baby now! Whew. She had a rough start! She sleeps great, even takes decent naps most days! She seems to finally be settling into a routine, which is handy for the most part. She LOVES her big sister and brothers. They can always make her smile and laugh. The boys love to be goofy and she thinks it's hilarious.
She eats baby food now, but not consistently (whenever Mama has enough made and remembers to feed her! haha). Her tongue is still fairly short, so it's always interesting to feed her! She has basically learned to suck the food off the spoon! So far her favorites are butternut squash and apples & pears. She also likes bananas. Last week, she ate an ENTIRE banana in one sitting! They say the normal serving size for her age is 2 tablespoons. Yeah right! She loves Carriage Crossing green beans (who doesn't?!), but not pureed green beans. She's a very big girl! Still in the 97th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. She wears 12-18 month clothes already! Even some 24 month onesies. She has 2 teeth and is working on the next 2, it seems. She sits up very well on her own and is sooooo close to crawling!! She's already too mobile for me! She rolls and scoots, so nothing on the floor is safe! I've been trying to get the boys to keep their Legos IN THEIR ROOM! And Anna is always playing with something little and brining it out to the living room. That will change soon, when she starts crawling and can quickly get to their little games they play!
Time, as always, is moving far too quickly.

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