Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Settling In

These are all from our first week home. We're settling in and adjusting:) Unfortunately, Jacob and Aaron seem to have some kind of stomach bug. Jacob has thrown up three times in the last week-no other symptoms, no fever, and just one time throwing up and then he's fine. Thankfully, he knows what's going on now and asks for a bowl before he throws up! Now Aaron has it, except his seems to be worse. Please pray for them to get better and for the rest of us not to get it...especially Isaac and me. I do not need to be throwing up two weeks after a c-section! Ouch.

Anna was having a hard time going to sleep one night. She was feeling out of sorts and just needed some one-on-one attention. And of course wanted to hold Isaac! :) I took this picture of the two of them so she could take it to school and show her class. She was excited about that.

Jacob seems like a giant now! I remember the first time I held him after Isaac was born, thinking "holy cow, this kid is huge!" haha He's so gentle with Isaac, though. And he tries to play with Isaac's hair when he's tired! It's really funny. The other night Aaron was working and Jacob had woken up (or hadn't been to sleep yet, I can't remember) and of course, before I could get Jacob to go back to sleep, Isaac woke up ready to eat. So I sat on the floor next to Jacob's bed nursing Isaac. Jacob couldn't reach my hair, so he settled for Isaac's hair! It was precious.

He's becoming more alert and has more awake times. I love watching him look around and check things out.

I think this is probably Anna's favorite picture :)

He is such a proud big brother!

Movie night on Binga's bed!!

Papa spent the week helping Jamie & Cassie. The kids missed him but he made up for it when he came back on Saturday! They can't get enough play time with Papa!!

My sweet baby. He gets bundled up good at night. He's my little burrito. It's no wonder he screams when I change his diaper...pulling him out of that warm cocoon! :)

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Janet said...

What a sweet post. Loved all the pictures.