Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Isaac :)

A couple more pictures of Isaac :) He's doing great! They're going to try and feed him soon (I've been pumping)-with a bottle first and see how he does.

I took his John Deere blanket (courtesy of Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry, of course!) to NICU :)

Once we finally named him, he got his little sign up on his bed! :)
Aaron & I got to hold him this morning for the first time (me since he's been in NICU and Aaron ever)!! I can't wait until he's in my room so I can hold him all the time without all the wires and tubes!


Jackie Sue said...

Hi! I came across your blog b/c you commented on another blog that I read. I love your blog! Isaac is beautiful; I mean, really gorgeous! My oldest son was admitted to Special Care nursery and had tubes and chest x-rays, etc. It was so hard not to get to hold him! But God was faithful and it was awesome to take him home with us. I will pray for smooth recoveries all around, and a happy, healthy boy!

Janet said...

What a beautiful baby boy. So thankful that mother and baby are doing well.

I'm checking blogs to get updates about Cassie and baby. What a busy two days for your families.