Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkins and Fairies

The kids were excited about their costumes Uncle Windell sent! Especially Anna (what little girl wouldn't be excited about this costume?!)

I thought it looked like a butterfly, but she insisted it was a fairy (like Tinkerbell). Either way, she was way cute! :)

Binga found her a pair of sparkly shoes to wear, but she hurt her toe earlier in the day and she refused to put shoes on. So she wore flip flops. And she loves having her hair curled and fixed. She's so patient to stand and wait while I fix it. She even asked if I could fix it like that the next day for school! I think I'm glad I've only got one girl...!

When the costumes came, Jacob wanted nothing to do with his. He liked Anna's, but didn't want to even try his on. Then the next day, I couldn't get him to take it off! But of course, wouldn't you know that come Sunday evening when it was time to trick or treat, he screamed his head off!!!

As soon as we got outside, he was just fine and happily went along.

The only problem after that was the first house we went to were good friends of ours, so we went inside. Then every house after that, Jacob thought we needed to go inside (he actually snuck inside one!!!). And he thought he needed to eat a piece of candy between every house! The weather was pretty nice...once the sun started setting it got pretty cold. But we all had fun (okay, I was quite worn out by the time we finally made it back home!). Several people said I should have painted my belly like a basketball & Aaron dress as a player...too much effort!!! :) The kids are now loaded with candy. Which is very much out of reach, seeing how the other morning I got out of the shower and found Jacob had eaten 2 Reece's!!

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