Monday, May 17, 2010

What an evening!

Well, we ended up taking Jacob to the ER yesterday afternoon. His fever spiked up to 103 and he couldn't keep the Tylenol down. We walk in the door & he pukes all over me. Of course by the time we got into the room his temp had gone way down (his fever seemed to climb until he threw up & then would go down). But it had been 2 hrs. since he'd had the Tylenol and his fever was still so high. Until we got to the ER. The nurse was like "oh parents do that all the time. Don't give the Tylenol enough time". Did I mention he was full of...personality? (I'm being totally sarcastic) Anyway, the doctor came in and checked him over. Much to my surprise, he found very pussy tonsils. Jacob had complained of his tummy & head but never his throat. He ordered an antibiotic shot (holy smokes they used a huge needle!!!) and a script for oral antibiotics. He slept for several hours, woke up and drank some Sprite and slept the rest of the night. I woke him up twice to give him more Tylenol because I could tell his fever was climbing. He kept on sleeping. He woke up at 5am & wanted a drink. He kept it down & slept until almost 9. He's pretty well back to normal today. Not much of an appetite but otherwise, normal! Whew. I caught it as well. Lots of extra rest will help. I'm just hoping Anna doesn't catch it!
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Dorinda said...

You guys have had a rough time of it recently! Praying! Glad Jacob is doing better!