Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Memories and Working Hard

There was work to be done! Aaron helped Dad move the electricity and water off the church since it's the same line that feeds Grandpa & Grandma's house. Did I say in the last post that the church is being burned down? It really needs to be's in super bad shape and is just falling in on itself. Anyway, we went to the farm so Aaron could help Dad. Now usually, Aaron says that means he stands there and watches my Dad work. :) But this time, Aaron could actually do something Dad couldn't! This.....

I don't remember why they had to dig like this, but they did. And the farther back they got, the smaller it got. Dad is claustrophobic (thanks for passing that one along, by the way!). And seriously? Even if you weren't? That would be HARD to do. What the picture doesn't show is that his head is lower than the rest of his body and the hole beyond what you can see is narrower than his shoulders. He had to reach up and grab the top of the well-house to pull himself up, hand me an old ice cream bucket to dump and then go back down to dig some more (with the end of an old garden trowel!). He got it done!

Making memories :) This could so very easily be me and Grandma 25 years ago. Very few things have changed (and Anna looks a lot like her Mama)!

Binga found Jacob some great books at a garage sale that she sent with Papa. Jacob LOVES them! They are now his very favorite (Tonka books!).

Papa took the kids out to explore Sunday afternoon.

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