Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Happens When Papa Babysits...for 6 Days!

 I got to take my first ever Spring Break Palm Springs! With 2 of my favorite ladies, to see another of my favorite ladies. My great aunt lives there, so my aunt Cara, Mom, and I took a trip to visit her! It was fabulous, relaxing (I didn't have to feed anybody but me!! I didn't have to do laundry!! I slept in!!), and such a great time visiting Aunt Patty. 
Papa took vacation time and came down to babysit the kids so I could go. Is he the greatest or what!? These are the pictures he left on my computer from the 6 days I was gone...(the kids had an absolute blast, as you can see...)

 Papa can't visit without completing at least one project. For the record, I did NOT ask him to do any project except keep track of 3 very active kids and their various activities! Our playground in the backyard has wood chips. It's a mess, the kids hate it, I hate it...I've wanted to put sand in there but we've just never gotten around to it. Scott works at the sand pit a couple days a week, so he hooked us up with FREE SAND (we only had to pay a delivery charge!)!!! Anyway, Anna kept telling me that they had a surprise for me...

 It included 6 (or more?) pickup loads to the burn site... (you didn't let Isaac drive did you Dad?! ;))

...running around piles of woodchips (I think they were celebrating getting rid of them!)

 ...and a HUGE load of sand!

 Maybe a bit too much sand??

 Thanks, Scott!!

 I'm King of the mountain!!!

 Dad said to me, "You know your youngest one doesn't like fences or boundaries, right?" I just laughed.

 My tree bloomed while I was gone. Love it!

 Worn out little boy! Must have been all that sand mountain climbing!

 Of course, in order to get the sand truck close enough, Dad had to pull out part of the fence. And he moved the gate to the end for me. What a dad!

 Whoops...sideways. Looks like the kids got buried in the post hole!

 Notice Anna holding him down!

 It was hot...not in California. In Kansas!

 Papa took the kids to visit Jamie's family.

 Isaac loved the basketball goal at Hudson's house!

 Papa said Anna was such a big help. I could tell she was a little mama while I was gone...she had a hard time coming out of "Mommy mode" when I got home! :)

 After a few days of hot weather, it rained. And rained. And rained.

 Dad texted me this picture and said something about how she was too little to be going into that great big school (she's clear up by the door)! (She had art)

 They found the molding clay...

 He texted me this picture and asked if this was normal. I didn't tell him sometimes I hope this happens when we're running around!

 Isaac has always liked to pull hair. Anna still isn't used to it--Jacob has always gently twirled her hair.

 This picture just makes me laugh!!

 Looks like they made a pillow landing pad...

 He also replaced my kitchen faucet because it was leaking. How he gets any work done is beyond me with kids climbing all over him. But he does, and it doesn't bother him a bit!

 Yep, a pillow landing pad. 

 Dad said "Door open. Boy in." Yep, that about sums it up!

Clay creations!

I can't say thank you enough to Papa for doing this (all the projects, too!) so I could take this much-needed break. And to Aaron for letting me go. It was a wonderful trip. Soon I'll post all about it...with pictures :)

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