Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures, pictures everwhere

Random pictures from my phone the last couple months...


 Didn't make it home...

 Ran out of battery 2 blocks from home so they had to take turns pushing it home!

 She left her tooth in so I could see it when I got home from California. She was a snaggle-tooth!!

 Tired shopper.

 We found a great deal on a Barbie Jeep for Anna! So excited. And look at Jacob...he looks like an old farmer!

 This kid has amazing hand-eye coordination already. He can stand there and hit the ball off the tee by himself, over and over.

 Anna tied a blanket to his overalls and he thought it was so great! I thought it was so cute!!

 One day it was too nice not to be outside. So we took our math lesson to the front porch!

 Tired shopper...are we noticing a pattern?? Poor Anna. She's such a good sister. She let him lay on her lap for at least 30 minutes, while she sat on the edge of the cart. When her patience ended and she finally got him off her lap, she was quite disgusted to find a large spot of drool on her jeans!!

I got this hat for Jacob in LA. I should have known a child-sized hat would be way too small for his head!!!

 And well, it just fits Isaac! But isn't he the cutest little Dodgers fan???

Isaac has attached to this teddy bear the last couple weeks. I LOVE IT. There just isn't much of anything that's sweeter than a chubby arm clutching a teddy bear!

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