Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life on Fast Forward

Life is flying by my very eyes! Time goes much too quickly and I haven't done a very good job keeping the blog updated with pictures. It's mostly because my real camera doesn't work so I don't take any "real" pictures. So here are some poor quality cell phone pictures instead (and mostly of Isaac because at his age, he's the most comical).

 One day Isaac was Dr. Jekyl one second...

 ...and Mr. Hyde the next second. (or however that goes) LITERALLY! Not a fun day.

 Chillin' in Mama's lap, chowing down on an apple, enjoying the gorgeous weather.

 He thinks he's a big boy and insists on sitting up at the counter with the big kids (on a stool). He loves it. I think he loves most that he can really chuck food at me from up there!! Such a stinker.

 Jacob is at a tough stage right now. WHINE WHINE WHINE. If you know me well, you know that one thing I absolutely cannot stand is whining. It will drive me batty faster than anything!!! I'm not sure why he's so whiny, but we're working on it. With more patience some days than others! It's actually one of his chores-no whining!! Other than that, he's such a joy. He is doing SO good with his speech therapy! His speech teacher said she doesn't see him still needing therapy by the time he starts kindergarten! He's become much more aware of sounds/speech in the last couple of months. I'm so proud of him!

 He's ready for Hawaii!! :) Anna told me I should send this picture to Grandpa & Grandma W :)

 Let's see...Isaac put the stickers on himself, Anna put the headphones on, and Jacob put a big wad of painter's tape on his bottom! Isaac thought it was hilarious.

 I waited too long to get more laundry was only a week of not doing laundry! UGH.

 Last week, we went to a strawberry farm in Haysville. It was so hot. But Anna was an awesome picker! She lasted the whole hour we were out there. Jacob lasted 2 minutes before he started asking for shade! :) Waaaay back there is Anna (squatting down), and the boys (standing on the right side).

 I was ambitious and decided we would try for 20lbs. of strawberries!!! We ended up with over 17lbs.!

 I think she won the prize for finding the biggest strawberry!

 Isaac hadn't wanted any strawberries at home for weeks. We got to the strawberry patch and we could NOT keep him out of the strawberries!!! He must have eaten at least 10!

 The haul! They are so. delicious.

 I washed & hulled almost 8lbs and put them in the freezer. 

I used 2lbs. to make a heavenly strawberry pie. Another pound or so to make delicious strawberry bread. A few pounds got eaten straight up! I have just enough left to make another strawberry pie...if I hurry! :)

 Anna's art on display at festival downtown! She was so proud :)

 We went over to the old house so Aaron could mow the yard (he's mowing for them this summer) and I couldn't believe how much one of my rose bushes is blooming!!! I tried everything and replanted 2 times and I still couldn't get any of them out front to bloom! I guess I just needed to neglect them! ha!

It makes me kinda sad that I wasn't able to get any starters off these bushes.

Now, it's way past time for bed!

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