Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big Boy!

Well I decided it was time to start potty training Isaac. He's been showing signs that he's ready since before he turned 2! I really considered waiting until this summer when it's warm and he can run around naked but I got tired of taking his diaper off and on because he kept telling me he needed to potty. Actually, my friend Stacy gave me the final inspiration to just do it when I found out she was potty training her youngest (who is younger than Isaac). So our days are filled with a half naked 2 year old running around the house! He has done GREAT!!! A couple accidents every day for the first couple of days. Once on Aaron's new throw! Ha. Today has been the most successful day! He's told me every time he needs to go and we even got #2 in the toilet today!!! He was super proud of himself. He stood there and waved, saying "bye bye poo poo!!!" Hilarious! He also thinks it's funny to chase Anna and Jacob around and try to sit on them because they run screaming. After Jacob's year-long PT stint I wasn't expecting much better this time around! But he's catching on quickly. He had one accident at Aaron's office this morning. So we just stick to sweatshirts and socks at home. This morning it was really cold so I made him some leggings using some of my old holey socks. I just cut off the toes and slipped them on his legs! They don't stay up all the way but at least his legs aren't totally bare. Now I'm going to have to get all the 18 month pants back out...without the fluffy cloth diapers his 2T pants are not going to stay up on his itty bitty tush!

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