Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pictures for the Grandparents :)

Just some random pictures to make up my lack of posting to the grandparents ;)

 She is a book worm! If I can't find her, she's holed up somewhere frowning the "Papa frown" reading a book!

 Rhys and strollers! She loves them, whether they're for dolls or not, she'll take a ride! :)

 She's ready for school!

 He's relaxed, I would say!

 Enjoying a nice, cool, fall evening with a fire outside at Jeremy's. I'm loving the cool evening weather! Just wish the days would stay a little cooler, too.

 Having fun at Warrior Fest in the bouncy house!

 The boys got some lego Mario Brothers cars. Let's just say that Isaac really likes his car!

 We celebrated the first day of autumn by playing baseball in the backyard!

 Daddy got a little carried away, determined to hit a wiffle ball over the fence. You can imagine what happened when he connected with the ball....I got slammed in the head with it!!!

 It's blurry, but it's too funny not to post. Anna got nervous with how aggressive Daddy was being so she decided to don some protection!

 A trip to the library and we discovered they have a new kids-only computer! Isaac had no idea what he was doing, but he was taking it seriously!

I found Jacob teaching Isaac how to write his cursive letters one day. Too cute!!

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