Sunday, October 20, 2013

Picture overload!

All kinds of pictures for the family :)

At the library. Oh my, the cheeks!!

Haulin' tomatoes for Mama :)


His first spelling test was a couple weeks ago. He aced it!

Tickling daddy's back. Such a sweet boy. 

I had braided Anna's hair when it was wet and she LOVED what happened when it was dry and she unbraided it. She wanted me to take a picture and send it to Papa. 

We kept Jeremy's kids for a few days. It was fun. Chaotic, but fun!

We had to take 2 vehicles to church! Rhys zonked out on the way home. 

Oh my. Uncle Elry, Aunt Carol, and Sarah sent the kids these Duck Dynasty dolls...that talk. My favorite? Phil's line: women with's a bummer. 

Demolition derby!! The kids have so much fun on these and Isaac has become a pretty good driver!

Anna fashioned some clothes for her tiny doll using some sticky tack! She also made some "toys"...I was impressed with how well she did!

I guess they're ready for Christmas?? Actually, I think they had been watching a Christmas  movie. 

Found this fascinating creature in the driveway. 

Art class! Binga is teaching via Skype to our little co-op class on Fridays. The kids were SO proud of their paintings!! They'll be adding trees this week. 

They're starting to get along a *little* better!

Jeremy and Alisha treated me to a delicious steak dinner Sunday. And Alisha and the girls made chocolate covered strawberries. We had to teach Rhys about the finer things in life ;)

Practicing his sketching he learned about in art a few weeks ago. 

Isaac's sketching. I asked him to smile. This is what I got. 

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