Monday, July 7, 2014

T-Ball for Jacob

Jacob played T-ball this summer. He wasn't all that interested in the actual game-more so the social aspect of every Friday evening! haha Aaron helped coach Jacob's team, which he said was like herding cats most evenings! They both had fun. All these pictures are from Jacob's last practice/game (they practiced for 30 minutes and then split up and played a game for 30 min).

 He actually improved quite a bit hitting the ball off the tee. The first practice he swung, missed, and spun all the way around. 

 Friday evenings were made bearable for Anna thanks to this CUTE little guy :)

 Thankfully Jacob wasn't the only one who had more fun playing in the dirt!

 Out comes the tongue! haha

 It probably helped that Bryce and a couple other of Jacob's buddies were playing, too.

 How many parents does it take to coach a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds? Quite a few...

 Woohoo!! He made it to first base! :)

 And he scores! (They all scored. Every time. haha)

 Isaac was not happy that he didn't get to play baseball, but he made sure he ran the bases after every game!

And if you ask Isaac, he'll tell you "I run da bases and I win!"

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brings back lots of memories!