Monday, October 6, 2014


We're studying the Medieval Times in history this year. One week, a suggested study was falconry. Lucky us, I happen to know a falconer! Nate graciously agreed to come to Sterling (and bring his Golden Eagle) and give a talk about falconry to our homeschool co-op group!! It was so fascinating and the kids loved it.

And that would be my son, on the front row, that raised his hand and asked, "Can you get on with this to the interesting part?" Oh my gracious. It's a good thing Nate is a friend or I would have been completely mortified!!! Hilariously enough, about 3 minutes later when Nate tried to put the eagle down on the step, he tried to fly away (the eagle was tethered to Nate's arm) and flew about 2' from the front row! We asked Jacob if that was interesting enough!! Ha!

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