Friday, December 5, 2014's Isaac's birthday!!

Poor Isaac...he has to wait through so many birthdays before it's his turn! First it's Anna, then Mia, Jacob, Kaedyn, Grace, Aaron, me...THEN Isaac! This year was a little easier to explain him and for him to wait, but he was always a little disappointed when it was someone else's birthday!

I cannot believe he's already four.
He is full of determination. He knows what he wants and he makes sure YOU know it! One day, that's going to help him do great things in this world...we just have to survive to that one day! In this picture, for instance, he wanted his Broncos shirt. It didn't matter that it was 2 sizes too small and packed away. Daddy had his Broncos shirt on and Isaac remembered having one, so he wanted it! First we satisfied him with one of Aaron's other t-shirts. He quickly tired of how big it was. Surprisingly, he was okay with his soccer sweatshirt.

 He is so sharp. He wants to do anything the big kids are doing, and he does a pretty good job keeping up! He started going to Cubbies this year and he LOVES it! He does such a good job memorizing his verses. When Jacob started piano lessons earlier this year, Isaac was not very happy that he didn't get to take them, too.

 He loves Batman. We've never even watched the cartoon (I haven't been able to find the good, old ones), but somehow he latched onto Batman. This day, he came up to me saying, "Jacob called me a bad name!!" Then he repeated what Jacob had called him, but I could not understand what he was saying. Finally, Jacob came into the room and I asked him what he had called Isaac. With an expression that said what's the big deal?! Jacob answered, "Bruce Wayne." HA!!!

 All three of the kids wanted to be ninjas for Halloween this year. Isaac wore his costume a day I was feeding Grace in her room and I look up to see a ninja standing at the back door! ;)

 He told me, "I just want to warm up." Isaac is by far the most snuggly, verbally loving child we have. He will still crawl up and sit with me and so many times throughout the day, he will just randomly, totally unprompted, say, "Mom, I yuv you!" or "Mom, your hair is so pretty." or "Anna you look bootiful!" He is going to be quite the ladies man if he keeps that up!! I love that he so freely showers us with his love :)

 He has the memory of an elephant. We hadn't been to the college campus for ages, but he still remembers the Sword in the Stone. He's also determined that he WILL pull that sword out! So one day when it was pretty nice, we walked up there and he gave it all he had!

 He goes 100mph all day long until he just crashes. And if he's going to crash, there's no keeping him awake.

 He got to one one of his presents from Papa & Binga early because...

 He got Batman pajamas!!

 I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said, "Batman shirt, Batman pajamas, Batman underwear." Ha! So I took him shopping and he got light up Batman shoes and a Batman shirt!

 He really loves Grace. He's been sick this week and he's so sad that he can't hold her or kiss her!

 Anna went shopping at Dollar General for him, using her own money, and got him a pack of balloons, a birthday boy pin, and some other fun things. She helped me blow up all the balloons and we decorated his door after he went to sleep.

 The next morning, on his birthday, they played all day long with the balloons! I think he was pretending to be in a car here.

Isaac is also very convincing in his arguments. This is a toy phone. And all day long, he was pretending to call Grandma. At a rare nap time, he was pretending that Grandma kept calling him. "Grandma, I 'posed to be takin' a nap!" Oh this boy!!

Isaac fills our lives with laughter and frustration!! :) So blessed to be chosen as his mommy!

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