Friday, February 6, 2015

Never Say Never

Wow...February already and I haven't even posted Christmas pictures. Life is taking a lot longer than I expected to get back to "normal" after adding another baby to the mix! 

(these pictures are in fairly random order and I don't have the time or energy to move them around)

Well, the sickness did not go away after Thanksgiving. I should know better than to think it can't get any worse! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we got sick again. Not long after my last post, Anna started getting croup. Thankfully the saline breathing treatments helped and she didn't get as bad as the boys.

So thankful a friend let us borrow her nebulizer! I spent some more nights sitting up listening to a barking cough and helping with breathing treatments.

 It's a good thing she's so cute! ;)

 I was working on getting some temporary bookshelves organized in the laundry/school room. Anna was a big helper and read to a fussy Grace, who promptly fell asleep! 

 It doesn't look anything like this anymore. Somehow the kids just cannot figure out how to neatly put their school books back on the shelf!!

 It took a long time for Isaac to recover from his sleepless nights. He fell asleep on the pile of blankets between the couches one night, waiting on me to put him to bed.

 I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching my children learn together!

 Playing Clue, Jr. together. We had a few meltdowns and some cheating, but we finished the game. HA!

 It has been really hard for Anna, Miss I-need-to-know-what's-happening, to have a pretty up-in-the-air schedule the last several months. Things are getting better, but in an effort to have some control over things, she would frequently write up a daily schedule for the boys on their boards. So funny! We saw a lot of Sundays with "no church" tired of being sick!!!

 For a couple weeks, Anna would do "baby school" every day with Grace in her room. She would show her different stuffed animals and tell Grace all about each one. Then she would do tummy time and read her a book or two. I love watching these two!

 And then there's these two. What a pair!!

 First bath in the big tub and she LOVED it! Just like Anna, she just kicks and grins!

Precious :)

 Not so precious :( I ended up taking Grace to the ER (that's 2 out of 4 kids making a trip there in less than 2 weeks). She starting sounding croupy and I was really worried about her getting croup with how bad the boys had it. The doctor didn't think it was croup, but was worried it could be RSV. Thankfully, that test came back negative. Turns out it was croup-her cough got worse later that night.

 So I spent many nights the next week doing this every couple of hours. It was honestly quite frightening with one so little and I got almost no sleep for that week. I'm thankful she was still wanting/able to nurse, so that was one less thing to worry about. I really have no idea how I was functioning at this point. I hadn't had more than a few hours of good sleep a night, if that, for over a month. It was rough, to say the least!

 Once everyone finally got over croup, we decided to celebrate an early Christmas and eat at Hog Wild. Let's just say that Isaac approved!!

 I can't remember why I took this picture, but it shows Isaac's personality quite well. He is the epitome of strong-willed!!! I'm sure he was arguing with me about something! Oy. It'll be completely by God's grace if that kid survives to adulthood!!!! ;)

 I never know what I'm going to find when I check on Jacob before I go to bed. I love him so much! :)

 Yay!! Snow!! Yay...big kids are well enough to get out of the house!!!!

 They got a Christmas package in the mail from Uncle Elry and Aunt Carol. The kids got a gift card to Barnes and Noble. When I told the kids it was a huge book store, this was their reaction. LOVE IT!!

Love my girls. All prettied up for Christmas Eve service.

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