Saturday, December 5, 2015

Just Horsin' Around

Once again, Dad's cousin Cherie brought her granddaughters down for a weekend of horse riding at Scott's. It was a fun weekend with LOTS of kids (9 of them one day!) riding horses! ;)

Isaac LOVED riding. Even the mini Spirit. He was SO proud of himself. "I can do it by myself Mom!"

 Ha!! Little Miss Anna, struggling for control. Boy does that sound familiar!!! 

 Isaac & Ellie waited patiently for their turns on the big horses.

 Silly Grace!!!

 The difference a year makes...Anna couldn't wait to canter on her horse this year!

 Good posture, but KEEP YOUR HEELS DOWN! Ha! 

 We have another horse lover in the family!

 Jacob rode for a little bit, but it's not really his thing.

 Amanda came one day to ride. We'll make a cowgirl yet out of this California girl! ;)

Jacob preferred Spirit.

As always, it was a fun weekend and we all appreciated Scott & Amy's hospitality!

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