Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fishin' at the Crick (not creek)

I haven't blogged about Mr. Dave yet, so I'll explain briefly :) Mr. Dave works for Aaron and is a retired Navy submariner. He asked Aaron if the kids would be interested in helping him with his garden this spring/summer. I said only if I can help, too!! Come to find out, he's basically a master gardener! I've learned so much already, and it's only March! We had a warm snap in February with 80* days, so we planted spring crops early. Farmers Almanac also predicted an early spring, with Spring Equinox being March 19th this year. So we had a lot of fun getting the rows ready and planting seeds. We also got potatoes planted, which is something the kids have never done! Anyway, the kids adore Mr. Dave and I think the feeling is mutual! ;)
The other day, he asked if the kids would want to go check his trap lines at the creek and see if he caught any catfish. Of course they would! So Monday morning, we headed over to the garden and of course did some digging, weed pulling, and playing first, and then went to the creek. I've lived here for almost 15 years (WHAT?!? and that doesn't include college!) and I never knew this area was out there! It's awesome! I was really surprised at how clean the water is. Totally clear. It'll be fun to go this summer and let the kids play in the water! The kids were in heaven...

Grace sitting on a log, watching the big kids throw rocks into the water.

 Oh my goodness...this face she's started making!!! Too much.

 Sliding down the bank!

 Look how clear the water is!!

 Time to check the first trap line! And there was a fish! Anna got to pull it in.

 "Will the fish eat this??" Haha!

 I think they're all hooked on fishing now! ;)

 Second trap line had a fish, too! Isaac's turn (because Jacob was over at the other bank throwing rocks still!)...

 Pull hard, Isaac!

 It's a big 'un!!

 But it's a carp...so we didn't keep it.

 "Can I touch it? I don't know if I want to touch it...."

 "I touched it Mom!!"

 Anna was super hesitant...

 But she did it! Jacob said "NO WAY! Anna! What's it feel like?"

 Grace was totally happy to just sit in the sand!

 Checking the third trap line. No fish, though.

Grace would have sat there all day long, playing in the sand. She was NOT happy when I picked her up to leave!!!

Mr. Dave offered to clean the fish and bring it to me so we could have it for supper. I invited him to eat with us (he did all the work, after all!). I've never cooked catfish before and when he brought it over whole (tail and head off and skinned, of course), I had NO IDEA how to cut it up or filet it. My knives are not nearly sharp enough, either. So Aaron & I both tried and we finally gave up and waited for Mr. Dave to help us out! Haha!! What do you know, you can just fry it whole and it comes right off the bone! It was really good!!

The kids are ready to go fishing (and I'd much rather eat a fish from that water than the lake water!) again...now! ;) I'm excited for warm weather to come and stay so we can spend more time down there!!

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