Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wallman Academy 2016-2017

We "officially" started school today for the new year. We did a relaxed schedule of school all summer, so it's not really the "first" day ;) But we're back to our more normal school schedule of a day, so we had to get some pictures. Anna was like, "Mom, this isn't really our first day. Why do we have to take pictures??" Really, it's just so I can look back at each year and see how much they've changed. Which is a lot!

Anna-11 Grace-almost 2 Isaac-5.5 Jacob-9 tomorrow

 Sisters :)

 Sixth grade. I don't even know how that's possible!!!

 Anna is doing a phenomenal job training her dog, Sadie (I should have taken some pictures of them together!). She talks about adopting a bunch of kids and dogs when she grows up. She also told me today that she hates to cook and would just eat an ice cube for lunch. I told her she better marry a chef, then!! Ha!

 Isaac is in kindergarten this year. He is SO EXCITED to be doing "real" school with the big kids! He's done a great job all summer and really loves to "do school". 

 He wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.

 Third grade and about to eat us out of house & home! The way he's growing, I wouldn't be surprised if he inherited the tall gene from either side. His feet are quickly catching up to Anna's. I have a feeling he'll surpass her in height and shoe size before summer comes again!

 He wants to be an inventor when he grows up. And a farmer.  :)

 Grace. Oh Grace. Can't believe she's almost 2!! She is a handful and does her fair share of terrorizing the house and everyone in it! I have more markings on my walls than I ever have. But she's so cute and sweet, she gets away with far more than she should! HA!!

 She's done with taking pictures. Time to join the boys...

In a run around the "race track" (our neighbor's square sidewalk)!

I thought it was really appropriate that our devotion this morning was about the Fruits of the Spirit...mainly patience! The Lord knows we all need a hefty dose of that when it comes to being together 24/7! :)

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