Monday, June 14, 2010

Picture Overload!

I'm finally getting around to putting some pics on here. I hate not editing them!! :) We've been busy already this summer!

The VBS program was last night. The kids did SO GOOD!! I can't believe Jacob stood up there as long as he did. I couldn't see Anna through all the heads. I can't get the videos to download to my video site straight from my camera :( but he was so cute singing the songs and doing the actions!!
After the ridiculous meltdown we had before leaving, I'm surprised she was happy and cooperative! She did great, though. The theme was "Egypt Files".

He's not a baby anymore!! :( Such a big boy. So proud of him!

THE set:) It took forever and a day, but I think we did an amazing job using partitions, sheets, paint & colored duct tape!! :)

Oh my. We've had so much rain in the last two days. Over 6" Saturday evening/Sunday morning and I don't know how much last night. We are SO GLAD we put the sump pump in last year! The electricity went out for about 20 minutes yesterday evening and the water immediately rose to shin level under the house! Thankfully Ben & Seth were here so they helped bail it out while we found our neighbors and hooked up to their generator. The pump has been going off every 8-10 seconds since Saturday night! And the forecast doesn't look any better for the next week or so. Poor farmers--the wheat was a few days from being ready to cut and then all this rain!

Playing with rose petals.'s sideways! Anna can now "carry" Jacob! ha!!

My roses are blooming!!!

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