Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random, photo-less post

Still no computer, but at least my computer-genius dad is going to fix it for us! So I have no pictures for you. I apologize because I don't like to read blog posts without pictures! :)
Things are getting busy around here. We spent last week in Iowa (see Cassie's blog for videos!) and had a great time. When we have cousins together (even when it's just 3 of them!), it makes me wonder what things were like when all of my cousins got together at the had to have been chaotic, but I don't remember it being that way as a kid! I'm sure the parents have a different story!!
This week started VBS at our church...with an Egyptian theme! Anna and Jacob are in the same class with their favorite teacher Kim! She has her hands full with all those 3-5 year olds!!! Sadly and oddly, the skit at the end of day 1 (that all the kids go watch) really scared Anna. Evidently there was a robber with a mask in it and she had horrible nightmares last night. She's had bad dreams before, but I've never heard her scream like she was last night. And it's not just at night. She walked by her room this evening (wasn't dark yet but the light was off in her room so it was dark in there) and she ran crying back to the living room because the rocking horse looked like the robber's mask. And then during baths she started crying because she couldn't stop thinking about the robber. Poor girl! So we talked about how God can take away the scary things in her mind and that He's always with her and all she has to do is pray for His peace. And I read her the verses in Philippians about being anxious for nothing and thinking on things that are lovely. So far tonight, as long as I'm right beside her she's fine. She's stirred around several times and kind of awakened but looks at me and goes right back to sleep. Hopefully this passes soon...she hogs the bed!! I think Jacob was even having some bad dreams last night, too. Anna said the skit scared him, too. He's been sleeping good so far tonight (spoke too soon!). They skipped VBS today because they both got so little sleep last night.
I had another appointment with my OB this week. When she tried to get the heartbeat, baby was moving around so much that she could hardly get it long enough to get a read on it! It was funny (and hard not to laugh and keep my belly still!). It was so loud, all the swishing around. I'm pretty sure I've felt baby move a few times this week, too!! I can't wait until baby is big enough for the kids to feel movement. I know Anna doesn't remember feeling Jacob move, so it'll be really fun this time! I'm finding that I have to take it easy already with things. :( I'm only 4 months! But at least baby and I are healthy. Next month we get to have the big sonogram and find out boy or girl! I still think girl, but I think Aaron is still thinking boy. We shall see! I'm sure we'll be doing another name survey...we've talked about girl names and can't agree on one!
We'll soon be heading to Colorado to see Aaron's family. His brother and family are moving overseas to his next station!! We're so glad things worked out for us all to see them before they move.
Then we'll hopefully be at Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry's for harvest! Anna is so excited (so is her Mama!!) and Jacob will be once he sees the combine and tractor:)
Then July will be here and Anna's party. I can't believe my baby is almost 5! She's growing up way too fast. Kindergarten already!! *sigh*
Alright, I better get to sleep. Nothing better than falling asleep to a thunderstorm!

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