Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 Months

I cannot believe Isaac is already 6 months old (last Sunday)!! Halfway to a year! :( I feel like a broken record...time is flying by much too quickly.

In the past month, you have become a pro at sitting. Actually, you started that barely after you turned 5 months old! I looked back at Anna & Jacob's baby books and they didn't start sitting until well into their 6th month. You will be crawling before can lay forward when you're sitting and push yourself right back up. You get mad when you can't reach a toy.

Your first vegetable was sweet LOVE them! Just last night you tried pears for the first time. Not a fan of those, so I made some with bananas and you like them that way. I made up some carrots, too, but you haven't tried those yet.

You weigh 17 1/2 pounds (50%), are 27 1/4" long-which is a 2" growth in 2 months!!-(75%) and your head is in the 90th percentile. To compare, Jacob was almost 21 pounds at this age! I still just chuckle when people say you're a big baby.

You say Da-da when you're jabbering (no connection to Daddy yet), so I guess that qualifies as your first word?

You reached for Anna on Monday (first time you've ever reached for anyone). It was precious!

STILL no teeth!! But, still not very fussy about it, so that's okay if they take 3 months to get through.

Grandpa & Grandma W came for a visit and you delighted them with your smiles and giggles.

Everyone always comments on what a good/happy baby you are. They're right! You fight sleep hard, but otherwise you are usually very happy. Especially if there are other little ones around to watch! Today Jacob's friend Jake came over to play. You were very tired and it was well past eating time, but you were as content as could be to sit in your exersaucer and watch them play monster trucks back and forth in front of you!

You love to be thrown up in the air...I can't believe it!

And you love wearing Anna's cowboy hat...

Who's that stranger under the 10 gallon hat?

It's Isaac! What a handsome little cowboy! :)

He might look all cute and innocent...

But don't mess with this cowboy!

Every stage is my favorite for babies, but it really is fun to watch his personality come out and watch him learn more about the world around him!

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