Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trip to Papa & Binga's

Anna got out of school on Tuesday. It was a CRAZY day. I got absolutely nothing done besides running back and forth and sitting out bad weather. I had planned to do laundry and get packed so we could leave on Wednesday. That plan got shot! But Aaron said "If laundry is the only reason you're staying home another can do that up there!" Good point. So I decided to surprise them and not tell them we were coming early. :) One thing I failed to do was check the forecast for places along the way! Dad emailed when I was about 20 miles west of Topeka and said there was a tornado south of Kansas City. YIKES!!!

This is actually just north of Bethany, after I drove through a torrential downpour. But after Dad's email, I called Aaron and turned the radio to a weather station...where I heard there was tornado warning for right where I was headed! He told me to stop somewhere in Topeka and wait it out for 30 minutes or so since the storm was weakening the farther north it went.

So I found an Orscheln's!

Of course you know Jacob found this right away! Anna found a sparkly cowgirl belt. I'm pretty sure she'll be getting a new cowgirl outfit for her birthday!

Daddy requested pictures and believe it or not, I hadn't taken any (it was only the next morning!). So the kids obliged and posed for pictures.

A pose all her own.

It's nearly impossible to get a clear picture of Isaac with my phone...he moves too much. All. the. time.

Isaac likes Binga's washer and dryer, too! He's not nearly as fascinated as Jacob, but then one is!

Binga and I hit the jackpot at some garage sales on Thursday! She got this great toy for Isaac and Tate for $10! They both love it.

I found this doll house for Anna...$3! And the picnic table it's sitting on? $3 as well! I also found a couple of cloth diapers for $10...I couldn't pass up that deal! I wanted to cloth diaper before Isaac was born, but the research I did-it wasn't going to be cost-effective enough (and that was the reason I wanted to do it) to justify the initial investment, especially with this possibly being our last baby (waaaa!). BUT, after this discovery and talking to some friends on facebook, it really looks like I could do it a lot cheaper than I first thought. So I'm on the prowl for some inexpensive cloth diapers!

Isaac decided he would help Papa plant the new tree.

He's so cute he can get away with just chewing on the tie!

We like to start 'em young on the Iowa sweet corn! :) Isaac liked chewing on the cob...get that second tooth in!

Anna was SO EXCITED to find out that Jamie's family was coming up this weekend, too!! She has been patiently waiting for SIX MONTHS to meet Tate!!!

The big kids thoroughly enjoy the corn on the cob!

Anna and Jacob sleep great when they're up here...they have each other to snuggle with! Precious.

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