Monday, June 13, 2011

Double Trouble

I'm so slow with these, but that's what happens when you're without a reliable computer!
Memorial Weekend, we celebrated Binga's birthday...and FINALLY got to meet Tate!!! He and Isaac are only a day apart, but Tate was born 9 weeks early. You certainly can't tell in these pictures that he's a preemie! He's a chunk!!! I have a feeling he and Isaac will be getting in plenty of trouble together in another couple of years...

Tate: Who is that lady and why is she pointing that camera at me?!
Isaac: Hey Mama, lemme show Tate how that works!

Tate: Ohhh, this is Aunt Jenni...Daddy's been telling me about her and how I should always give her a hard time. This is gonna be fun! Hehehe!!!
Isaac: Hmm...that could be fun. What did you have in mind?

Tate: Listen carefully..*whispering*
Isaac: Oh boy...I don't know about that buddy.
Tate: hahaha! What do you think Papa? Can we pull it off??

To be continued.....

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