Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Baby is SEVEN!!!

Anna wanted a pool party and Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alisha were nice enough to let us crash their house! It was just a family party, but for my family...that means close to 30 people! We're so blessed to have family that comes to celebrate with us!

 Since harvest was so early this year, Aunt Cara wanted to make her a cake. Usually, her birthday is right smack in the middle of harvest. Let's just say Aunt Cara hit a home run with this cake!! :)

 Aaron's brother and family got the kids Dave Ramsey's children's books. They teach about saving and giving. The kids love them. We recently spent quite a bit of time de-cluttering Anna's room. Her and I talked about how much is enough and how she doesn't play with a lot of her toys and what she should do with them, etc. One of the books talks about an orphanage, and we've talked about orphanages before when some friends went through an adoption. And we've talked about being thankful for what we have and not being greedy, etc etc. So when it came time to send out her birthday invitations, I asked her what she thought she should do about getting presents. She said she had too many toys as it was. Her first suggestion was to donate the toys to an orphanage. Since there isn't one nearby, I asked what else she could do. We came up with the idea of donating the money that would have been spent on her gifts to Uncle Scott's Ranch. It makes my heart sing to know that she has a heart for others and desires to give already. And our family is so incredibly generous! She raised over $100! A couple people had gotten gifts for her before I sent out the invites, so she did still have a couple of presents to open.

 Lots of cousins!

 Isaac thought Anna's horse was the perfect size for him to ride!

 Isaac crashed. Poor Jacob was sick with strep and had to stay home with Daddy. :(

 She loves her cake!!

 Isaac and I slept in Bryce's room and Isaac decided that sleep was for the birds that morning. 

 I love the mural on Bryce's wall! Amazing.

 So we went for a walk over to Great Grandpa and Grandma's house.

 Beautiful country sunrise

 Isaac LOVES the pool table at Grandma Mary's. He remembered it from the day before when he went over there with Papa & Binga.

 After a loooong day, Isaac crashed hard when we got home!

Jacob was feeling much better when we got home. When I checked on him, I found him sound asleep with his leg in the air!

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