Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summertime Catch Up

 I have over 50 pictures on this post. Have fun :) It's been a very busy summer. Very busy.

 My cucumbers have been producing like crazy. I've made over 2 dozen jars of pickles! I finally remembered to make it to Farmer's Market this Saturday morning and sold some jars. Anybody want some pickles??

 This was our room at the Boot Hill B & B. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Very nice and delicious breakfast! We'll be going back again next year, that's how good it was.

 Had to stop at Dairy Land to celebrate being home!

 4th of July treats, not quite finished. Thanks Pintrest!

 He's such a goofball.

 4th of July cake...layers of red, white and blue cake.

 Finished. So yummy!

 Parade time...

 Fireworks...still too loud for them to really enjoy.

 She wanted to sit in my lap so I could cover her ears.

 He decided maybe the bike trailer would be quieter. It wasn't.

 For her birthday, Anna wanted to have a few friends over to Uncle Scott's and ride horses. 

 Ellie, Anna, and Ella. What a trio!

 Friends make celebrating a birthday even more fun :)

 We wore Ella out!

 Precious friends.

 Miss Leah on her miniature horse "Roni" (as in macaroni)

 Summertime has turned Isaac into a very tan, very blonde little boy!

 Now I have two very blonde boys. Not two tan boys, though...

 Waiting for Daddy...

 Salsa-making time

 Isaac was my taste-tester. He approved if the number of chips he dipped was any indication...

 Anna wanted a pool party for her birthday this year. It just so happens that her cousins now have a pool in their backyard. And I may have had ulterior motives for saying YES! :)

 I decided to move the kids around in bedrooms, putting the boys together and changing Isaac's room into a guest room. Which meant repainting the two front bedrooms. Jacob was a good helper. He put all the covers back on for me!

 Isaac just liked to climb up and down the step ladder :)

 I'm really hoping Isaac's early awareness of bathroom-related business and the fact that he has asked several times to go potty (never has actually gone potty when he's sitting there) means he will be much easier to potty train than his brother. Time will tell.......

 Some wonderful friends gave us these bunk beds. There is a bottom bed that goes where the train table is. We'll move it in when Isaac is ready to move out of his crib.

 We found a baby blue jay in the front yard last week. Isaac was fascinated and kept telling it to "shhhh!" I had just told the kids that the baby's mama was watching them from the tree. Anna and Jacob took off running. ha!

 We had a lovely round of strep go through the kids. Isaac had it the worst. It would seem that he is horribly allergic to any kind of antibiotics. On penicillin, he broke out in awful hives. He never acted very uncomfortable and you probably can't see very well, but he broke out in hives basically from head to toe.

 He loves climbing to the top bunk. No fear.

 I came home from horsemanship class to find Isaac's face swollen up like he'd been stung by 10 bees. A little scary! Benedryl wasn't helping at all. So I called his doctor (who just happens to be one of our closest friends and lives right down the alley) and she came over and checked him out. We took him to the clinic and she gave him a shot of steroids.

 He was still swollen, but the steroids had him pretty hopped up! He wasn't exactly hyper but he could not be still. So tired. Finally fell asleep around 2am after a car ride.

 Much better by morning!

 Thanks to Mom, I got both bedrooms painted and decorated (and thanks to Aunt Cara I got them organized!). Jacob and Isaac are now in Anna's old room, the bigger of the two front bedrooms.

 And Anna is now in Jacob's old room. She loves it.  :)

 I think she has a pretty good chance at being on Hoarders some day.... ;)

 Her top bunk is just waiting for a sleepover....*hint hint* I think it's time for cousins to come visit! :)

 When we can get the crib and changing table out, there will be lots of room for the boys to play.

 John Deere names :)

 Still need to make more curtains...

 My garden is doing really good this year! This is all just from one day of picking. Lots of tomatoes and cucumbers! Also pulled some carrots, peppers, and a watermelon that day! Yummmm.

 2nd trip to the dentist. It's not her favorite, but at least she doesn't scream or anything! Her front teeth are finally starting to come in...she's going to look much different!

This kid cracks me up. He wasn't the least bit nervous about going (his 2nd time also) and he did great. He talked non-stop and had all the ladies laughing.
Okay, that's all for now. I still have some pictures of Anna's birthday party to share. And we're about to leave on our 3rd (of 4!!) trip to Colorado. I'm ready for fall and hopefully things to slow down!!! (my apologies for any typos...I'm not going to proof read)


Mia said...

Liar only 48 pics i counted

Anonymous said...

There is only one person I know of that would actually count the number of pictures. Yup you be her!! Maybe that is why I love you so much!! Papa