Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...

This week, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary by sending the kids to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alisha!!! It worked out perfectly to just drop them off on our way home from my cousin Angie's wedding. We'll have 5 days with no kids! Saturday night we're going to Dodge to spend the night at the Boot Hill Bed & Breakfast. It might sound silly, but it got pretty big reviews.
 It's been very quiet around here. We miss the kids, but it's so nice to take a break and just be with each other with no interruptions. Plus, they're having so much fun with their cousins! Isaac has finally decided he likes Alisha. Every time he saw her before he would usually just scream at her (and Mia and Kaedyn)! I talked to Anna at lunch time today and she said, "Mom! This is the best meal I've ever eaten here!!!" At least she said "eaten here" and not "eaten"...I'm still the top cook in her book! ;) 
Yesterday, we slept in til 9:30, Aaron went to work for a couple hours, I ran errands whenever I wanted (no waiting for kids to find shoes!!), we watched "our shows" whenever we wanted, Aaron took a long nap, I didn't have to cook!! We went to a nice Italian restaurant in Hutch for supper and didn't have to hurry through to get home for bedtime or worry about the kids giving the babysitter a hard time. It was GREAT!!! Then we went for a run/bike ride. 
It's not all fun and games, though...I have a couple of projects for us. :) Deep cleaning the house (especially Anna's room!) and cleaning the carpets. It is soooo hot, we've been staying inside most of the day. We wake up too late to do much in the morning before it gets really hot. I've been pulling cucumbers out of the garden like crazy. I've got close to 30 I think!! Time to make pickles! And I picked my first watermelon!! That will be our dessert tonight, I think.
Better go wake Aaron up from his nap so he can go play softball...yuck! It's well over 100* still!

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