Thursday, August 23, 2012

Longest Night In the History of Ever

 Since we had another trip planned to Colorado in August, we knew we had to get the AC fixed. we priced around how much it would cost and discovered it would be cheaper to drive up to Iowa and have Dad fix it. Much, much cheaper! Aaron already had his guys' weekend planned and that was the only time we would be able to go before our trip to Colorado. Sooooo, the kids and I showered up, loaded up the van, and left at 9pm Friday night. Jacob fell asleep right away. Isaac didn't last too much longer. I think Anna was worried about me falling asleep because she kept checking on me. She eventually fell asleep. Jacob didn't wake up once. Anna and Isaac slept fitfully, but they did really good. We got there at 3:15am. It really wasn't that bad. The last hour was the hardest, but we made it! God protected us. Of course, Isaac was up and ready before 7am!! That was okay because there were some major garage sales to hit up! So off we went...

 I love his "cheese" face!

 The lack of sleep caught up with her!

 And him :)

 Of course we had to stop and see the John Deere dealership!

 Found a bike seat for Isaac. He loved it, despite his face here!

 Yummy watermelon

 Brothers ridin' combine

 My brown-eyed boy :)

 Thankfully, the problem wasn't more than the air compressor. He thought he was going to have to take everything apart to fix something else. Don't tell Dad yet (they're on an Alaskan cruise), but the AC went out again yesterday! At least there's a warranty on it...and no more trips on the horizon!!!

 Jacob wound up with 2 black eyes and despite what this picture shows, they weren't from Anna! :)

 She thought it would be fun to ride this down "the big hill"! 

 Papa's helper!

 Isaac fell asleep while Anna drove all by herself.

 "Helping" me mop the kitchen.

 Fun at the park. It was hot and humid!

 Anna finished TWO chapter books on the way home!!! And notice the blanket? The AC was nice and COLD!!!

We made it home. I have to say, the trip was much quicker and easier at night!!


Anonymous said...

The compressor has a warranty, the labor didn't!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

But the labor was free, so that's okay!! :D Hopefully it doesn't move our "get a new vehicle" timeline up!