Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Journey Day 7

Another good day. Reboot is going well, we found out Anna doesn't have chicken pox (the race track on the exam table was my way of keeping the kids occupied while we waited for the doctor!) so we got to go to Colorado for Aunt Carol's graduation! Bad news? We blew the reboot on the road. We should have just ordered salads but we both got pasta dishes. Mistake! We only finished half our plates and felt so yucky the rest of the trip!! We had decided already that we would take a break for a few meals while we're gone but should have made a better choice at supper! Tonight's dessert, however is delicious. Purple passion-grapes and blueberries with a bit of fresh mint. Mmmm!

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Anonymous said...

You should tell me when you start blogging again! I had to catch up, was way behind.