Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer is Almost Here!

The weather has been gorgeous this week! We've taken a lot of bike rides and spent as much time as we can outside. 

Anna is flying through the Rose series (about Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter Rose) so we make several trips to the library. Our library is awesome. You don't have to whisper, they don't mind Isaac wandering around. But I do love it when I peek around the corner and see the boys sitting on the bean bags reading books!

This week, for 3 days, the college put on a soccer clinic! Anna and Jacob both has so much fun!! Their good friends Elli and Zachary were there, too. Stacy and I decided this officially made us soccer moms! ;) I told her I only wanted to be one if she was one with me...she makes it enjoyable because we can laugh at our kids together. Ha!!

Anna the goalkeeper

They surprisingly did a decent job of playing a game on the last day. Jacob even scored 3 goals! He also spent a lot of time giving hugs and tackling (mostly Zachary and the college kids)! 

Isaac is *loving* speech! Miss Karen is phenomenal. She even lets the big kids join in on the fun. 

I finally got my tomatoes in the ground!!! And thanks to my Uncle Randall, I have these incredible cages! And, these are all ones we started from seed!! I really didn't think they would survive, but they did. 

We bought a few tomato plants to give us a little earlier harvest, so Jacob used his tractor to deliver them to Stacy down the alley. He's a farmer! ;)

Papa made Anna her very own flower box to put on her little red stuga. It says "Anna's Rose" and she thinks it's pretty special!

Last weekend, since we found out Anna didn't have chicken pox after all, we went to Colorado to celebrate Aunt Carol's graduation from the Doctorate in Nursing program. Isaac tackled Uncle Elry and wouldn't let him up! :)

Now we have to call her Dr. Aunt Carol! ;)

Being silly in the big bathtub. 

Having fun in the hammock with Sarah. 

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Anonymous said...

Jacob looks just like a farmer heading to the field to plant!! Very cute! Bet he could start a delivery service before long!