Sunday, February 9, 2014

January Happenings

 Jacob will sometimes sneak into Isaac's bed at night. It's pretty sweet to see them cuddled together, but I always move him back to the top bunk because it never fails that he wakes Isaac up with his thrashing around!

 The kids are now using Anna's doll stroller (that's going on its 8th year!) as a mode of transportation for Isaac. I can't believe that thing is still in one piece!!

 I have no idea what they were playing, but they had a grand time for quite a while.

 And then Daddy came home and things got really wild and fun! :)

 Until Jacob stubbed his toe. Isaac was quick to offer a get-better-kiss!

 Hey Isaac, you're not going to be the only Sheriff in town...come September, there'll be a new (little bitty) Sheriff in town! :)

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