Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun with the Big Kids

We have new foster kids from the college now that all the Swiharts have moved on! :) This is our second year for these kids and they have taken to our little kids so quickly. It's always fun when they come over and we have the perfect room for playing soccer!

 I think this time they were playing keep away. Donnie is a baseball player from California. He has a little sister about Jacob's age, so he's really great with the kids. They love him! :)

 Amanda is a volleyball player from California, as well. Her and Donnie usual come over together because neither of them had a car the first 1.5 years they were here. Come to find out, Anna and Jacob thought they were married! Simply because they always came over together! So funny.

 And here's our co-op group doing art!

Via Skype with Binga! The kids love it.

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