Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fun in Paradise

We're spending the weekend with our friends, in the middle of nowhere. It's wonderful. Friday was a pretty nice day. Saturday and Sunday, not so much! The kids and I went exploring Friday afternoon.

 Checking out the cows. They eventually got used to the kids coming over and wouldn't run off every time.

 Off we go to explore along the creek.

 Found out the next day that this hole is where they bury their dead cattle! Hahaha! The kids thought it was a lot of fun to climb up and down the big hole.

 They didn't want to sit and take pictures....they wanted to explore!!

 Anna wanted to know if someone crashed and died in that car. Haha!

 King of the hill!

 Anna sat out there and told the cows stories for quite a while. I remember doing that more than once when I was a girl!

 The most exciting thing for the kids was getting to bottle feed a calf! Isaac thought he was pretty hot stuff.

 But then the calf finished and wanted more...thought maybe Isaac was hiding some so he started after Isaac....much to Isaac's dismay! He chased him around the gator. It was pretty funny!

We always have fun visiting Nate & Joy and appreciate their hospitality. It's so very peaceful up here.

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