Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Long Lost Visitor

I got to see my Grandpa for the first time in over 10 years. Before this weekend, he'd only met one of his 11 great-grandchildren. I'm so glad TJ got married so we had an excuse to make him come visit ;) No, I'm really glad Cara & Terry made the effort to make sure he made it out here to visit everyone. I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight after all the craziness of 11 kids in one house all evening!

 Isaac (4), Jacob (almost 8), Bryce (8), Anna (10), Tate (4), Grace (10 mo), Grandpa Cecil, Kaedyn (10), Rhys (3), Hudson (7), Jaxon (8 mo), Mia (almost 15! and the only one Gpa has met-when she was 2)

 We all made fun of Jeremy's shirt. Aaron said, "1980 called and they want their shirt back." He responded with, "More like 1960!" 

 Jamie couldn't make it since he works afternoon/evenings on Tuesdays, but Cassie & the boys came up.

Aunt Dona came out, too, for the evening. 
I'm glad he was able to meet all of his great-grandchilren. Not sure when we'll get to see him again!

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