Sunday, April 4, 2010

Busy Day...Good Results, I Hope!

We spent all day yesterday working in the yard. We had a lot of work to do!! Aaron cleaned up the leaves (yes, we still had leaves to clean up!) and I cleaned up my front flower beds. I planted phlox in there years ago and only the purple ones took. Except they were just a mess. So I cleaned them out and planted tulips! I found pots of tulips at Walmart for $8! I got yellow and red/white ones. It took a lot of hours and only $24! :) (plus I have some left over for planting elsewhere...where I don't know, though!)

I really hope they live!! The yellow ones are already blooming. I can't wait to see the red/white ones bloom!

Still got some cleaning up to do (and too bad our front lawn isn't grass anymore! Next up...sometime, anyway).

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